"As teachers use makerspaces, they increase their own skills and develop effective strategies for supporting students." - Jill Attewell, author of the Makerspaces in Schools publication

In this era of innovation in education, new learning environments such as makerspaces are gaining popularity in school communities in Europe and all over the world. More and more school leaders are investing in transforming their traditional school spaces in pursuit of creating new and creative ways of learning. In this vein, EUN’s Interactive Classroom Working Group (ICWG), composed of 7 Ministries of Education, has investigated how makerspaces link to pedagogy, the curriculum, cross-curricular projects or specific subjects, STEM education, and skills development.

The “Makerspaces in Schools” online event aims to present the main findings of this work, to draw attention to the added value that makerspaces can bring to education, and to welcome representatives from case study schools to share views and experience. The online event will consist of two sessions. The first session on policy will focus on the findings and overall value, while the second session will focus on practice, present the toolkits developed, and share tips and tricks for planning, setting up, and managing makerspaces in schools.