About WERC DX 2021

WERC DX is a conference designed to curate and present solutions to the most vexing problems faced by distribution logistics professionals today.

Lockdowns, closed borders, global instability and uncertainty; labor challenges, technology changes, sustainability issues; challenges arising from the explosive growth of e-commerce and unrelenting demand for a fully integrated, omni-channel customer experience: We tackle them all, and more.

This year will be our first online conference, but we’ll curate solutions the way we always have — by bringing people together. Our Conference Committee is made up of working distribution logistics professionals who identify the most pressing issues and then seek out thought leaders, innovators and educators who can address those issues for our members.

In addition, our Solutions Partner Program attracts leading companies who offer cutting-edge products and services that meet the needs of modern distribution centers, supply chain and logistics organizations.

In short: WERC DX provides an unrivalled opportunity to safely connect with other professionals who are facing and conquering the same challenges that you deal with every day. There’s no other conference like it on the market today.

A live, online conference

WERC DX 2021 is a live online conference, which means that all of the presentations and discussions happen in real time — we want to preserve the spontaneity, excitement and camaraderie that our members have come to love at our in-person annual events. While some of our keynotes and thought leader sessions will be recorded for viewing at a later date, the only way to take part in our peer-to-peer sessions is to be there in real time. We can’t wait to see you!

Unrivalled Accessibility and Affordability

We are thrilled to be able to offer world-class education and networking to practitioners across North America, with fewer barriers than ever before.

WERC DX registration costs a fraction of an in-person event ticket and there are no travel or accommodation costs, making WERC DX 2021 our most affordable annual conference ever. An online event also offers increased accessibility and flexibility, and we look forward to welcoming those who have not previously been able to join us at our in-person events. Plus, some of our top speakers and sessions will be recorded, making it possible for busy professionals to watch or listen after the live conference is over!


What does WERC DX stand for?

WERC DX stands for Warehousing Education and Research Council Digital Experience.