June 8 - 9, 2021



On behalf of the Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society, we invite you to take part in the 26th Annual Meeting to be held in West Chester from June 8-9, 2021.

The goal of our meeting is to disseminate current research and clinical applications of motion analysis topics including, but not limited to: cerebral palsy, orthotics and prosthetics, sports medicine, pediatric and adult orthopedic/musculoskeletal surgery, foot and ankle disorders, upper extremity applications and balance/posture.  Our target audience includes orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, developmental pediatricians, physiatrists, podiatrists, residents, fellows, engineers, physical and occupational therapists, kinesiologists, biomechanists, and others who are interested in using movement science to improve lives.

The 2021 Meeting of the GCMAS will be virtual due to the the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although this means that there won’t be opportunities for in person networking, it does open up other possibilities for exhibitors.  These include the chance to provide webinars to participants or to record sessions with attendees for further dissemination. 

Exhibitor registration includes complimentary attendance at all Conference functions for two representatives and interactions with attendees in a more social setting. Additional exhibitor personnel may register at a reduced rate. 

Exhibitor participation in the GCMAS annual meeting is essential to its overall success. Likewise, your participation can serve to maximize your visibility and exposure to attendees at the conference. Please review the information in this prospectus for additional details. If you have any questions, please contact Conference Chair Tim Niiler (tim.niiler@gmail.com).   You can find our exhibitor prospectus here.  We look forward to working with you as we plan for the 2021 GCMAS Annual Meeting!


Exhibit Booth and Sponsorship Rates 

Prime Time Booth space is limited! Register early to reserve your space!

In the 2021 Meeting, GCMAS is offering sponsorship levels to match all exhibitors at a reduced cost from prior years to reflect the virtual nature of the event. The Standard Exhibitor package will include visibility on our publically accessible conference website in the form logo advertising and a one paragraph description of the company or product. These will also be available on our integrated conference platform. Additionally, Standard Exhibitors will have active links to video conference rooms of their choosing wherein they can meet with current or prospective users throughout the conference. These will again be accessible from our conference platform. Finally, in order to encourage attendees to visit exhibitors, we are gamifying clicks within the conference app. Specifically, we will track attendees’ clicks to determine if and when they are visiting various pages. Those attendees with the most clicks and time spent will be eligible for a drawing for a free registration for GCMAS2022.

Beyond the standard level, we offer Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsorships. These offer more prominent placement on our exhibitor’s page in addition to offering prime time webinar time which will be included in our posted schedule (although this is adjustable as needed). Prime time slots are those we have identified as those which have activities which historically have not been attended as well as the main sessions. Gold sponsors will have an hour for webinar presentations, Silver sponsors will have half an hour, and Bronze sponsors, 15 minutes. Sponsor slots are first come, first served, and we will try our best to coordinate with Gold/Silver/Bronze exhibitors to give them their preferences.





Gold Level Sponsor



  • More prominent placement on the exhibitors page (near the top, alphabetically if more than on gold sponsor)

  • 1 hour of time during prime time for webinar style presentation with only tutorials or posters for competition

  • All Standard Exhibitor benefits (listed below)

Silver Level Sponsor



  • Listed next most prominently after Gold exhibitors on web site

  • ½ hour of time during prime time for webinar style presentation with only tutorials or posters for competition

Bronze Level Sponsor



  • Listed next most prominently after Silver exhibitors on web site

  • 15 minutes of time during prime time for webinar style presentation with only tutorials or posters for competition

Standard Exhibitor


  • Listed next most prominently after Bronze exhibitors on web site.

All exhibitors will have:


  • Logo advertising on our website as well as a direct link to a homepage of their choosing from the time their sponsorship is confirmed.

  • We will provide a one paragraph description of their products and put a logo on our sponsors page.

  • During the conference, exhibitors will have active links to Zoom, WebEx, or other virtual rooms where they can meet their clients. We do not provide these rooms.

  • Gamification of clicks – the more clicks users acquire, the more chance they have for free GCMAS attendance in 2022. Visiting unique exhibitors gets clicks for users.

February 11, 2021 Exhibitor application available.
April 15, 2021 Cancellation deadline for 80% refund.
May 15, 2021 Cancellation deadline for 25% refund. (No refund for cancellation after this date.)
May 1, 2021 Deadline to apply for Exhibit Booth and/or Sponsorship.
June 8-9, 2021 GCMAS 26th Annual Meeting 
June 8, 2021 9.00am – 6.00pm Exhibits open
  Evening – Virtual Mixer
June 9, 2020 9.00am – 6.00pm Exhibits open


All times/dates are subject to change.