Keynote Presentation: Resilience: Thriving Not Just Surviving

Ruth Bachman

Ruth Bachman is a nationally recognized speaker and an award-winning author.  She carries a message about change to diverse audiences. That message grew out of her experience with soft tissue saroma, the treatment she received, and the resources she has discovered to move forward.

Ruth's book "Growing Through The Narrow Spots" is more than a book about cancer.  It is a roadmap of sorts, encouraging the reader to look closely and patiently at all of life's challenges - narrow spots - to discover the resources, both internal and external, that are present to help navigate the passage.

Since 2003, she has contributed her time, her resources and her talents toward fostering the collaboration of the science that heals the body, with the critical role that mind and spirit play toward that end.  Out of a deep sense of gratitude, Ruth donates all speaking fees and proceeds from the sale of her book and other Hourglass merchandise to support cancer research at the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota.