BIS 2020 Virtual Conference Session Descriptions



This panel will discuss developments related to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), in particular the full implementation of the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA). The panel will also discuss the interaction between CFIUS and export control authorities. The panel will include representatives and perspectives from the Department of the Treasury (the CFIUS Chair), the International Trade Administration (the CFIUS lead for the Department of Commerce), and BIS.

DDTC Updates

An update from DDTC on recent changes to defense export control policy and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations. A preview of what we are looking to accomplish in the coming year. In addition, an update on the new DECCS system and licensing process will be provided.

Export Administration Plenary

The Export Administration Plenary session will include several EA speakers highlighting EA's work regarding emerging technologies, issues related to unmanned aerial systems, and regulatory changes for Hong Kong.

Export Controls in Academic and Research Environments

This session will focus on the export control issues and challenges particularly relevant to academic and research organizations. The session will include discussion of regulatory concepts and definitions, enforcement case studies, elements of an effective technology control plan and overall export compliance program, as well as tips for export control officers in an academic or research environment.

Export Enforcement Plenary

Hear directly from the Acting Assistant Secretary of Export Enforcement as he provides opening remarks and strategic vision for this popular plenary session. The panel will then include updates from all major offices within Enforcement and comments from the Office of Chief Counsel. The panel will conclude with a live Q & A session.

Keynote Speaker: P. Lee Smith, Performing the Non‑Exclusive Duties and Functions of the Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement

Moderator:   Douglas Hassebrock, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement

Cathleen Ryan, Director, Office of Antiboycott Compliance, BIS

Kevin Kurland, Director, Office of Enforcement Analysis, BIS

John Sonderman, Director, Office of Export Enforcement, BIS

Opher Shweiki, Chief of the Enforcement and Litigation Division, Office of the Chief Council for Industry and Security

License Exceptions in the EAR and Country Groups – Update

This License Exception & Country Groups session will explain what a license exception is, the benefits of using a license exception, the most utilized license exceptions, determining CCL-based license requirements, the country groups, license exception restrictions, 600-series items restrictions, new license restrictions pertaining to firearms, reporting requirements, LVS, TMP, RPL, TSU, STA, AES filing, and license exception news.

Military End-Use and End-User-Based Controls

A discussion of the changes to § 744.21 of the Export Administration Regulations

OEE: Anatomy of an Investigation

This session allows the exporting public, counsel, and industry experts to hear directly from the front lines of law enforcement. The Office of Export Enforcement (OEE) will take you through the starting point of an actual case, all the way through final remedies. This panel will also feature a live Q & A session at the end.

Moderator: John Sonderman, Director, Office of Export Enforcement, BIS

  Dan Clutch, Special Agent in Charge, Chicago Field Office, BIS

Regulatory Update

This panel recaps the amendments to the Export Administration Regulations published in the past year. The Regulatory Policy Division looks at recent rules, proposed and final.

Sanctions & Foreign Policy-based Export Controls

This session will cover sanctions and foreign-policy based export controls, including recent actions to address human rights abuses committed by the People's Republic of China and ballistic missile procurement activities by the People's Democratic Republic of Korea.

Semiconductors: What the Controls Look At

This session will present an overview of various semiconductor manufacturing technology, software tools, equipment and materials with their respective classifications under the Commerce Control List (CCL). In addition, the applicability and impact of the amendment to General Prohibition Three, also known as the foreign-produced direct product rule (FPDR) on the arena of semiconductor manufacturing will be addressed.

Telecommunications Supply Chain Executive Order

This session will review progress on promulgating regulations to implement provisions of Executive Order 13873, “Executive Order on Securing the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain” from May of last year. It will review the structure of the Department of Commerce regulation, some of the risks that it is intended to address, as well as how transactions may be reviewed.

The Entity List: Understanding and Managing the Impact

More information coming soon

USML Categories I-III to CCL: Firearms

This panel will provide a detailed overview of the amendments to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) for firearms and related items moved to the Commerce Control List (CCL) as of March 9, 2020. This panel will introduce the new 0x5zz and "600 series" ECCNs that have been created, as well as provide an overview of how these new items are controlled and authorized under the EAR. This panel will also address other changes to the EAR control structure for these items, such as changes to export clearance and recordkeeping requirements.