Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Event FAQs

Live Agenda

  • How do I login to the Live Agenda?

    • Use your Registration Email Address & Reference Number found in your confirmation email.


  • How do I access an education session?

    • Once you are logged in and can see the Live Agenda, click the “Join” button to the right of the session name. It will appear black once the session is available to view (1-minute prior to the scheduled start time).


  • How do I view My Schedule in the Live Agenda?

    • Once logged in, click the “My Schedule” tab in the top menu bar. Then, click the Printable Schedule button to view your schedule along with other important details.


  • How do I send a message or meeting request to another dealer attendee or exhibitor?

The messaging/request feature is currently turned off. The best way to directly message a dealer or exhibitor attendee is:

  • ​​​​​​​Click on the “Meeting Request” tab on

  • Sign in - use Registration Email Address and Reference #

  • Click “Attendee Directory

  • Either “search” attendee by name or company name

  • Click the magnifying glass under “View” to the right of the person’s name, this opens up a pop-up window

  • Click “New meeting request” or “Send Message” button


On Demand

  • How do I login to view On Demand sessions?

    • Click on the On Demand link on the home banner. Use your Registration Email Address & Reference Number found in your confirmation email. Please confirm your email address is entered exactly as shown on your confirmation email. Email address is case sensitive. 


  • How do I watch an On Demand session?

    • Once you are logged in and can see the On Demand details, click the “Play” button on the image above a session name. 


Virtual Expo Hall 

  • Where do I start?

    • Exhibitors are listed two ways: Sponsorship level & Exhibitor Category


    • If you are looking for an exhibitor in a specific category, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the header “Exhibitors” and click on the drop-down menu and select the category you are interested in. Ex: “GPS Tracking & Recovery” to find all Exhibitors in this category. Click on “More Info” under the exhibitor’s logo to see all details.


    • Pro Tip – if you are looking for a specific company, hold the CTRL button and press F to pull up a search bar; type in the company name and press enter. Companies that match those characters will be highlighted on the page.


  • How do I participate in the Live Expo Hall Hours?

    • Live Expo Hall hours will be held every Tuesday from 12:30 to 01:30 pm and 03:15 to 05:15 pm, CDT.


    • Go to the Virtual Expo tab on the Convention website, find the exhibitors you want to see, and then click on their company logo.


    • This will take you to a live Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc. room to talk directly to the exhibitor. 


  • How do I find a specific exhibitor in the Virtual Expo Hall?

    • Exhibitors can be filtered by company category in the Exhibitor section using the dropdown menu at the top of the section.


    • Specific companies are also listed again as Marquee, Diamond, and Platinum exhibitors at the top of the Virtual Expo Hall page.


  • How do I book an appointment outside of the Tuesday Virtual Expo?

    • Go to the Virtual Expo tab, find the exhibitor you want to meet with, click on “More Info” under their logo, then click “Book Appointment.”


    • The “Book Appointment” link will require your login information (registration email + reference number).

      • Click the green plus sign icon next to the exhibitor’s name, then click “Create Meeting Request” at the top right of the page

      • Select an option from the Subject menu drop down list

      • Set date and time of meeting request – Time is set to show your local time (i.e. if you are in New York, time will show in EST)

      • Select an option from the Location menu drop down list

      • In the Message Box, please enter your message along with any essential details – Zoom Link for 1 on 1 meeting, Telephone Number, etc.

      • Once complete, click the submit button at the bottom. Invites are sent as an Outlook invite to the recipient’s email. It is ideal to accept the meeting in the virtual platform to include the meeting details properly.


  • How do I include a Zoom Link or my telephone number in my Meeting Request?

    •  When you create or accept a Meeting Request, there is a message box that pops up at the bottom. In that message box, you will include all necessary details for your virtual meeting.


  • I am the primary booth contact. How do I assign the Meeting Request to another Exhibitor on my team?

    • - Log in to the virtual platform using your registration email and reference number
    • - Go to “My Schedule” tab in the top menu bar
    • - Double click on the Dealer Meeting Request (Red box)
    • - Meeting Request details will pop up. Click "Update Meeting" and let the Dealer know to add "XYZ person" from your company to the invite. This is where you can also add the Video Conference Link/Phone Number and provide any meeting details. 
    • - Check the box at the very bottom that says “Send update email if meeting details have changed. This will require people to reconfirm their participation in the meeting.”
    • - The team member you assigned the meeting will also receive the updated meeting request. Once they accept, they will now have that meeting scheduled on their agenda.

  • Once a meeting is requested, how long do I have to wait for a confirmation?

    • Once a request is made, the person on the receiving end can accept it right away. If a meeting request is not responded to within 3 days, it is automatically deleted.


  • How do I view my messages in the Virtual Platform?

    • Once logged in, click the “Messages” tab in the top menu bar. Any messages you have received through the virtual platform will appear here. Please note, this is separate from receiving a “Chat” message in the Mobile App.


  • Some exhibitors have document handouts in their virtual booths. How do I access those?

    • Marquee, Diamond, and Platinum exhibitors have downloadable documents under their virtual expo listing. Click “More Info” under their listing, then click the Documents link to access downloadable files from that exhibitor. 


  • What is the best browser to access the Virtual Convention & Expo Series?

    • Chrome is the preferred browser. Other browsers may also work well when given settings are adjusted correctly. Users of Internet Explorer may experience issues viewing the virtual platform, so it is best to use a browser such as Chrome, FireFox, or Safari.


    • For the Live Virtual Expo Hall, exhibitors will use a variety of web conference platforms such as Zoom, GoToWebinar, GoogleMeets, Microsoft Teams, etc. Most major browsers should be compatible with these web conference platforms, but always be sure to test compatibility on your own.



I have a VIRTUAL GROUP registration and need to add my 4 additional attendees; how do I do that?

Log in to your registration using your registration email and reference number. On the Additional Attendees page, there is a section below the Complete Registration button that says “Register an Additional Attendee”. That is where you will add up to 4 more additional attendees in your group. You must be the Group Primary Attendee to add additional registrants to the group.

I need to add more than 5 attendees to my group registration; how do I do that?

Please email for further information.

Where can I find my reference number and registration email address?

These can be located in your confirmation email, your invoice which can accessed through your confirmation email, and the know before you go email.

I started my registration, but it timed out so I did not receive a confirmation email and I am unable to continue. How do I complete this registration?

Email or give us a call at 1-800-682-3837 to complete your registration process.

I had previously registered for the physical Convention & Expo, and now want to attend the 2020 Virtual Convention & Expo Series. How do I transfer my registration?

If you were previously registered for the physical show, you should have received an email from NIADA informing you that your registration has already been transferred from the physical to the virtual platform, and that you have been refunded the difference in registration prices. If you are unsure or did not receive that notice, please email to confirm your registration and/or refund status.

I am an exhibitor and need to be listed as the primary booth contact to receive Book Appointment meeting requests through the virtual platform. How do I make myself the primary contact?

Please email to make the necessary changes

I have an EXPO ONLY pass, but would now like to upgrade my registration to view the education session. What do I do?

Please call 1-800-682-3837 to upgrade