Speaker Information

Thank you for agreeing to participate on a panel at the upcoming 2020 Ohio Housing Conference, a partnership of the Ohio Housing Finance Agency and Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing. Your participation will play a large role in the success of this conference. Each year we are proud to offer a mix of industry professionals, government officials, program "creators" and program "users" to showcase the many facets of developing, financing and managing this complicated and rewarding type of housing and neighborhood development. Thank you for being a part of this esteemed group.

Downloadable Materials

Following are some basic guidelines and information about our conference:

  1. 1) All speakers at the 2020 Ohio Housing Conference must register for the conference. For assistance, please contact kbowen@occh.org at OCCH at or 614.224.8446.

  2. 2) There is no charge for speakers attending this year's conference.

  3. 3) If you are preparing a PowerPoint, your session coordinator will combine and submit all speaker presentations for each session into one final slide deck by October 30, 2020.

  4. 4) Sessions should be as interactive as possible. We encourage speakers to reference the Virtual Speaker Best Practices and 10 Ways Great Speakers Capture People's Attention documents for ideas.

  5. 5) Continuing education units will be available for particular sessions and may be available for the session in which you are participating. More details on CEUs are located on the CEU tab above.

  6. 6) Total conference attendance is expected to be approximately 1,700 people. Session attendance varies. Attendees include investors, government officials, nonprofit organizations, lenders, developers, property managers, accountants, attorneys and more.

For questions or additional information, please contact your session coordinator, or Rhonda Snyder at OCCH at 614.224.8446 or rsnyder@occh.org.