AELP Webinar

managing CHANGE successfully



wedneSDAY, 3 JUNE 2020  |  2:00 pm - 3:00 pm



managing change successfully

An introduction to change and how to successfully navigate through it. 

Change is an essential part of life in organisations today.  In order to make a difference to the people they serve organisations must innovate services and remain financially competitive.  The nature of the workforce is also changing with the development of digital skills and offer of flexibility being important across an increasingly diverse workforce.

This webinar will explore what change is, how people respond to it, and will provide the opportunity for attendees to gain tips on how to navigate change with practical tools and a positive mindset.

The intention is that this the webinar content will be useful for any type of organisational change, with a particular focus on the current rapid change to remote working in response to Covid-19.


  • To introduce what change is and what successful change looks like
  • To explore how people respond individually to change
  • To identify ways to navigate through change

Target Audience

  • Providers and employers.
  • Leaders/managers/HR who are responsible for implementing change in their organisation.