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Travel Directions


Shuttlebuses will be arranged from Schiphol Airport to Hotel Zuiderduin on Sunday May 10th throughout the day, and on Thursday 14th/Friday 15th of May back to Schiphol (single trip € 19,50). Depending on your arrival and departure times at Schiphol you will have opportunity to reserve a seat through this website:


Public transport 
Public transport is a very convenient way to move around in the Netherlands. The network of trams, buses, subway and ferries will get you anywhere you need to be in the city. You never have to wait long at a stop as most lines leave frequently (multiple times per hour). The only downside to public transport system is the limited availability during night time. During the night, night buses take over from regular trams, trains and subways. 

– Please note: since March 2018 cash is no longer accepted in buses and tram lines – 

Plan your public transport travel 
We strongly recommend using 9292OV for planning your trip in The Netherlands using public transport. It calculates your best options to get from one point to another and takes covers all forms of public transport: tram, bus, subway, ferry and train. To use the planner you can either: 


 Check in pole at subway 

Since a few years, all public transport in the Netherlands uses a digital ticketing system called “OV-chipkaart”. All tickets are equipped with a transponder and should be held against the designated check-in poles at the station, or in the tram or bus. Tickets can be acquired from either vending machines (recommended) or from the drivers on the tram or bus. 

Day passes for public transport 
If you plan on using public transport more than two times a day it is cheaper to buy a (multiple) day pass for public transport, which grants free unlimited travelling for the duration of the ticket. There are multiple passes available from the vending machines and tickets desks. 

The registered taxi companies at Schiphol can take you practically anywhere within the Netherlands. Just follow the signs above and on the floor toward the terminal to reach the offical taxi stands in front of Schiphol Plaza. From there, you can catch a metered taxi, so you’ll never pay more than you have to. The drivers accept credit cards, cannot refuse carriage, and will issue a printed receipt.