KACE UserKon 2019 Hackathon!

Calling all IT ninjas! Do you want to win great prizes for showing off your KACE skills? Come prepared to participate in the KACE UserKon 2019 Hackathon.

We're looking for any kind of shareable resource that shows how you can build upon the features in the KACE products to really go above and beyond what our built-in functionality is. Here are a few example classes of the sorts of resources that would be interesting to share:

  • SNMP Inventory Configurations for the KACE SMA (K1000): Build the OID mapping for a new kind of SNMP device to expose its features in the appliance and build custom reports to display them nicely.
  • Scripts for the KACE SMA (K1000): Build scripts to implement commonly requested management functionality that we don't have built-in examples or wizards for.
  • Service Desk Configuration for the KACE SMA (K1000): Provide a best-practices included implementation template for a common business process that could be automated with the Service Desk.
  • Pre/Mid/Post-Installation Tasks for the KACE SDA (K2000): Show how to do better deployment customization than the example boilerplate that we ship with.

How to Enter and WIN!

  1. Develop: Participants work on their hack projects prior to and during KACE UserKon.
  2. Signup: Signup at the services table in the EXPO hall.
    a. Provide a title and brief description of your project.
  3. Post: Post your project to ITNinja.com Crowdsourcing Community here.
  4. Present: Give a brief demonstration of your project on Wednesday, October 2, 2019 in Northern E1.
  5. Vote: KACE UserKon attendees will vote the best project throughout the event.
  6. YOU WIN: Join us for the closing session where the hackathon winner will be announced.

The Rules:

  • Projects must be a shareable resource.
  • Projects must be functional at the time of demo.

Thanks to our 2019 Sponsors