Change is inevitable, and some changes require adaptation in order to continue to receive and improve the value of what we invest.

NJAFP is redefining what a successful virtual exhibit floor can offer and how companies can customize their own exhibit to meet the distinctive needs of current marketing demands and introduce new products and services to their customers.

Our Virtual Expo will be active during FamMed Forum 2020 and remain available online to our attendees (your target market) all year long, heightening the value of your investment with greater access for longer duration than ever before.

To make this process simple and easy, we have developed a special menu for you to select the features and functions that make the most sense to your organization, beginning with one simple base price from which to build your virtual exhibit space. 

See the graphic below to build your own virtual booth. 





A Virtual Exhibit Floor Invites the Attendee into your space. By clicking on the links and images an exhibitor provides, the attendee may navigate through your products and services, ask questions, view videos, share contact information and potentially develop a relationship based on the experience they have encountered.

Your virtual space can be simple and direct or more complex and engaging, depending on your marketing needs.

Start at the base level on the diagram below and "Build your own Booth"

When selecting your options, consider the products and services your company is currently offering. What strategies would you like to use to reach your market?

NJAFP is also delighted to further customize your virtual sponsorship/exhibit package upon request to ensure your message is seen by the attendees you value most.


Choose all the options and save 15% with an all-inclusive sponsorship and reach all attendees from the beginning of registration to the post conference thank you!

And you will be open to them ALL YEAR LONG!

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