Research Poster Presenters

Research Poster Session

Geneva Centre for Autism’s International Symposium 2020 is a three day event brings together leading experts, professionals, educators, and parents from around the world to focus on leading research and cutting-edge  developments in the field of autism. Sessions will be lead by Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe and Dr. Amanda Kelly to name a few. The event will also host the highly anticipated poster presentations.  

We are pleased to announce the confirmed poster presenters for this year’s symposium.

An art therapy-based intervention with mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder: From in-person to online strategies    
Dr. Miranda D’Amico

Teaching Social Skills to Students with ASD Virtually
Shauna Hoekstra, Katie Phillips, Katie Bremner, Amber Broek, Shauna Kennelly

TCDSB: Autism Programs and Services Department Social Competency Program
Kate Wiley, Clare Chabot, Pina DeBonis

Identifying effects of COVID-19 pandemic related changes on academic and social experiences of autistic university students
Jacquie Ballantine, Natasha Artemeva, Kathryn Carreau  
Brief Treatment Intervention For Managing Anxiety & Anger within High-Functioning Autism: A Guideline for Effective Use of Perseverative Interests Within Psychotherapy
Everett McGuinty (Maltby Centre & Adjunct Prof. University of Western Ontario), Jazlyn McGuinty (Health Sciences, Queen's University), John Nelson (Psychological Associate, One Kids Place)

“It really shouldn’t be this hard...”: Reflections on navigating the Ontario education system when a child has autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Margaret A. Schneider, Janet McLaughlin

Measuring the Effectiveness of the Attention Autism Programme on Improving Social Communication Skills for Primary School Children with Autism
Dr Rachel Ferguson, Sheila Cross, Laura Hynds, Dr Fiona McCaffrey

Evaluation of a group exercise-based social skill intervention for children with ASD without intellectual disability
Karl F. Kozlowski, Christopher J. Lopata, Marcus L. Thomeer, James D. Donnelly, Jonathan P. Rodgers, Adam J. Booth

Shared social activities for children with autism spectrum disorder and typically developing children
Hadas Dahary, Charlotte Rimmer, Mira Kaedbey, Eve-Marie Quintin

Emergent Literacy and Nonword Reading of Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Hyperlexia
Dianne Macdonald, Bianca Mercadante, Gigi Luk, Eve-Marie Quintin

Autism Characteristics and Self-Reported Health in Older Adulthood
Jennifer Lodi-Smith, Jonathan D. Rodgers, Sarah Khan, Caleb Long, Valeria Marquez Luna, Karl Kozlowski, James P. Donnelly, Christopher Lopata, Marcus L. Thomeer  

Desired Personality Trait Change and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Jennifer Lodi-Smith, Jonathan D. Rodgers

The Relationship of Age to the Autism-Spectrum Quotient Scale in a Large Sample of Adults
Jennifer Lodi-Smith, Jonathan D. Rodgers, Valeria Marquez Luna, Sarah Khan, Caleb Long, Karl F. Kozlowski, James P. Donnelly, Christopher Lopata, Marcus L. Thomeer  

Impact of the Stay-at-Home Period during the COVID-19 Epidemic on Children and Adolescents with HFASD
Jonathan D. Rodgers, Marcus Thomeer, Christopher Lopata, James P. Donnelly, Adam Booth, Jennifer Lodi-Smith, Samantha Andrews, Zoe Gionis, Christian Rajnisz 

Initial Feasibility Study of a Parent-Implemented Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for Children with ASD: homeMAX 
Jonathan D. Rodgers, Shelby Brennan, Annamaria Monti, Christian Rajnisz, Marcus Thomeer, Christopher Lopata 

Correlates of Understanding Idiomatic Language in a Large Sample of Children with HFASD
Joe Wood, Thomas Chameli, Jonathan D. Rodgers, Christopher Lopata, Marcus Thomeer, Adam Booth 

Caregiver perceptions of the educational experiences of their children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD
Lina Casale, Janet McLaughlin, PhD

“I have to work less, he has to work more”: Gender, Work and Stress among Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum
Janet McLaughlin, Margaret Schneider, April Stark