Allison Littlejohn

Professor Allison Littlejohn is Director of the Knowledge Lab at University College London (UK). She is a learning scientist specialising in professional learning with technology. Her expertise is in applying learning theories to complex interventions for professional learning and development that capitalise on digital technologies. Her work has made contributions to the understanding of how people learn for work and how technology supports learning. She previously was Academic Director for Digital Innovation at The Open University, providing strategic leadership across the university; Founding Director of the Caledonian Academy at Glasgow Caledonian University; and Chair of Learning Technology at the University of Dundee.

Jo Tondeur

Jo Tondeur is currently working as an assistant professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium). Prior to academia, he was a teacher across various levels of schooling. His research interests are in the field of instructional design and educational innovation. Most of his work focuses on ICT integration in teaching and learning processes.

Davide Azzolini

Davide Azzolini is a research fellow at the Research Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies of the Bruno Kessler Foundation (Italy) and an affiliated scholar at the Urban Institute (Washington DC, USA). Davide is interested in public policy analysis and evaluation related to student achievement, education technology and immigrant integration. He holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and Social Research from the University of Trento (Italy) and a Master Degree in Public Policy Analysis from COREP, Turin (Italy).

Antoine Bilgin

Antoine Selim Bilgin works as a pedagogical and research officer at European Schoolnet (EUN). He initially joined EUN’s Science Education Department as a web editor and project officer. He now works for the policy experimentation projects Teach-UP and Assess@Learning. He is also responsible for the statistics and evaluation of EUN Academy online courses. Antoine has a Research M.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Amsterdam and an Applied (Clinical) Psychology M.Sc. from Ege University, with a specialization in the Psychology of Learning and Cognitive Psychology. 

Katja Engelhardt

Katja Engelhardt, Education Analyst, has joined European Schoolnet in September 2012. She was involved in the design and implementation of all research aspects of the TeachUP policy experimentation and designed two of the TeachUP courses on the topics collaborative learning and creative thinking. Currently, she is also working on the policy experimentation Assess@Learning (previously MENTEP). Moreover, she regularly prepares reports, studies and briefing papers on topics relevant to school education, e.g. collaborative learning, computational thinking. Previously, Katja completed traineeships at the unit “Education, Youth, Culture, Audiovisual and Sport” of the Council of the European Union and the Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe. She has teaching experience in France (Reunion Island). Katja holds a LLM degree in International Laws and a BA degree in Social and Cultural Studies. 

Benjamin Hertz

Benjamin Hertz is Pedagogical Manager of the European Schoolnet Academy, the first European MOOC platform dedicated to school education professionals. He is also responsible for the Teacher Academy on the School Education Gateway, the European Commission’s website for the school education community. Benjamin has a background in educational technology with a particular focus on e-learning strategies for teacher professional development. He holds an MPhil degree in European Politics as well as a teacher qualification from the University of Oxford. 

Alex Kirchberger

Alex Kirchberger is the Project Manager of Teach-UP and has been working with EUN since 2017. He also currently works on evaluating a major science education programme in France. Prior to this, Alex worked with not-for-profit organisations and public institutions in the fields of immigrant integration and active citizenship. Alex holds a Master degree in International Relations from the University of Sussex (UK).

Kay Livingston

Dr Kay Livingston is a Professor in Educational Research, Policy and Practice at the School of Education, University of Glasgow, Scotland. She has worked in the field of teacher education for over 25 years. She works closely with policymakers, teachers and key educational stakeholders at international, national and local levels to improve the quality of education.  Her research interests include career-long teacher education; leadership and mentoring; interaction between curriculum, assessment and pedagogy; international and intercultural education; and digital literacies. Central to her work is the development of learning and teaching strategies to encourage learners (students and teachers) to take an active role in the learning process and prepare them for life and work in a globalised society.

Sonia Marzadro

Sonia Marzadro is a research fellow at the Research Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies of the Bruno Kessler Foundation (Italy).  She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and Social Research at the University of Trento. Her research interests focus on social inequality, social mobility, public policy analysis and evaluation in the field of labour market and education.