Youth Employment UK Conference 2015

Youth Friendly Employment Conference 2015

Creating a Youth Friendly Culture

Confirmed Sponsors

Headline Sponsor

YEUK is pleased to announce Edge Foundation the Headline Sponsor of the Conference:

The Edge Foundation is an independent education charity. It is dedicated to raising the status of technical, practical and vocational learning. All young people should have the opportunity to achieve their potential and the UK’s future workforce needs to be equipped with the skills to be successful in the modern, global economy. Edge believes that “learning by doing” should be valued equally with academic learning and that all learners should experience a mix of both. There are many paths to success.

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Drinks Reception Supporter

Key Recruitment and Training, annually, places over 1,500 unemployed youngsters from the NEET Group into a permanent job and then delivers an office based Apprenticeship. Over 80% remain in sustainable employment.