ACS Publications & IBS Forum: Nanomaterials for Energy and Life Sciences in Partnership with Yonsei University
Featured Speakers 
Prof. Joanna Aizenberg
Harvard University, United States
Prof. Jillian Buriak
Editor-in-Chief, Chemistry of Materials
University of Alberta, Canada
Prof. Warren C. W. Chan
Associate Editor,
ACS Nano
University of Toronto, Canada
Dr. Xiaoyuan Chen
National Institutes of Health, United States 
Prof. Jinwoo Cheon
Senior Editor, Accounts of Chemical Research
Director, IBS Center for NanoMedicine 
Yonsei University, South Korea
Prof. Jaephil Cho
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea 
Prof. Yi Cui
Associate Editor, Nano Letters
Stanford University, United States
Dr. Annette Kraegeloh
Associate Editor,
Chemical Research in Toxicology
Leibniz-Institut fur Neue Materialien, Germany
Prof. Kian-Ping Loh
Associate Editor,
Chemistry of Materials
National University of Singapore, Singapore 
Prof. Yi Lu
University of Illinois, United States
Prof. Liberato Manna
Istituto Italiano di Technologia, Italy
Prof. Nam-Gyu Park
Senior Editor,
ACS Energy Letters
Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea
Prof. Bozhi Tian
University of Chicago, United States
Prof. Peidong Yang
Associate Editor,
Journal of the American Chemical Society
University of California, Berkeley, United States
Prof. Nanfeng Zheng
Editorial Advisory Board, ACS Central Science
Xiamen University, China