Schlumberger Women & Tech Event

[ Ladies, Technology needs you! ]

At Schlumberger we believe that one of the greatest strengths of our company is the diversity of our workforce.
Diversity brings a plethora of ideas and perspectives that make the workplace more dynamic and creative. Men and women of many nationalities and backgrounds, working together as one team, sharing common objectives, have the best competitive advantage: at Schlumberger, our People have more than 140 nationalities and share a common mindset where teamwork and integrity are key.

To protect this diversity, gender balance has been identified at the highest levels of management as a key priority: as the demand for energy continues to increase, new ideas, techniques, and solutions are necessary ; more than ever, diversity is key! Together we aim to revolutionize the industry and unlock the power of technology.

[ So come meet us! ]

On Thursday 11th April, from 13:00 to 20:00, we open the doors of the Schlumberger Riboud Product Center - our largest Technology Center in Europe, located close to Paris - to show you what an engineer's job and career really looks like.

We are proud to share our vision, purpose and mindset with you ; and we know that meeting you face to face is the best way to do that. We’d like to hear your questions, listen to your career aspirations, and give you the opportunity to meet Schlumberger women from different backgrounds with different career choices.


[ What is it? ]

The Schlumberger Women and Technology day is an annual insight event designed for future female leaders in engineering sciences. Throughout the day, and along with around 30 other selected students, you will get a hands-on view of the diverse career paths an engineer or scientist can have, from oil rigs to software technology centers to research facilities.

This is an amazing opportunity to get a concrete taste of a company and see our diversity from the inside!


[ On schedule ]

Women & Tech day is a unique chance to explore worldwide career opportunities and meet face-to-face with professionals you would not meet otherwise. The agenda will include:
 Workshops Keynotes  Round Table 
Cocktail by

Visit the Agenda tab to learn more and don't hesitate to come back to this site often in the coming weeks - it will be updated regularly in the run up to the event.  


[ Travel arrangement ]

If you need to take the train to join the event, your travel expenses will be reimbursed upon reception of your original receipts.

Living on a campus in Île-de-France? We'll have taxis prepaid for you at the end of the event.

Learn more about the event location in the How to find us tab!


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With a history and culture of science and innovation, we’re the world’s leading inventor and provider of high technologies that help our customers find and produce oil and gas more efficiently and safely—often in remote and challenging locations.

As the demand for energy continues to increase, new ideas, techniques, and solutions are necessary. We are leading an industry transformation, and this is happening right now: come discover how we work to solve the technical challenges of tomorrow’s upstream oil and gas industry!
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