Wisconsin Annual Conference 2018
Morning Workshops:

Accountable Leadership Model – Dick Jones

Clergy Benefits 101 – Jean Nicolas and Tamara Wims

Hispanic/Latino Pentecost Emergence – Jorge Luis Mayorga

Methodist Mission in Bolivia – Bishop Modesto Mamani

United Methodist Mission in Russia – Bishop Eduard Khegay & Rev. Andrei Kim


Afternoon Workshops:

Becoming Immigrant Welcoming Congregations – Dan Dick

Security and Emergency Preparedness at Your Facility – Church Mutual: Bryon Kuhlmann

True Stories of Our People and Nation –  Dr. Chia Youyee Vang &  2 other scholars

Telling Stories through Social Media - United Methodist Communications: Steven Adair


Title: Accountable Leadership Board Structure for the Local Church

Presenter: Dick Jones

In Wisconsin, over 40 churches of all sizes are engaged in or are in the process of implementing the Accountable Leadership Structure model. This model is based on the 15 year experience of over 300 churches in the West Ohio Conference.


This structure recognizes the reality that no church has sufficient money, staff, volunteers or facilities to do the entire ministry they would like to do.  Therefore, valuable resources cannot be wasted on activities, programs or ministries that do not focus on the mission, vision and strategic goals.


In this model, the Administrative Council, Staff-Parish Relations Committee, Trustees, Finance Committee and Lay Leadership Committee are combined into one 9-12 member Accountable Leadership Board (ALB). When necessary to vote, the entire ALB acts as the Council, SPRC, Finance Committee or Trustees. The ALB is assisted by ministry teams that focus on making ministry happen.


This model;

  • Enables an intentional, congregational renewal led by a team of committed, disciple leaders.
  • Promotes ministry unity, functioning at a high level of efficient, cooperative decision making.
  • Focuses ministries on the mission, vision, discipleship system and strategic goals.
  • Relies on the latest research and experience of effective churches.

Title: Hispanic/Latino Pentecost Emergence

Presenter: Jorge Luis Mayorga

The Hispanic/Latino Pentecost Emergence is the strategic plan for planting new Hispanic congregations and faith Communities in our Conference. Come and learn the different ways to support new church planting in the Hispanic/Latino population of Wisconsin.


Title: Becoming Immigrant Welcoming Congregations

Presenter: Dan Dick

The day of mono-cultural, mostly homogenous congregations is fast passing away. The fastest growing demographic groups across the state of Wisconsin are racial/ethnic minority immigrants and their children. Wisconsin is fast-becoming an international state, though many of our established congregations do not reflect this change. Becoming Immigrant Welcoming Congregations examines the opportunities, challenges, and potential for inter-cultural, multi-cultural, and inter-generational mission and ministry. Topics we will discuss: language issues, 1st/2nd/3rd+ generation expectations and needs, cultural complexity and competency, and countering unacknowledged racism. We will also offer a planning process for advocacy, organizing, welcoming, and outreaching with immigrant populations.


Title:  True Stories of Our People and Nation

Presenter: Dr. Chia Youyee Vang & 2 other scholars

It is ordinary people of all races who have made this country great. Come and hear stories of our friends and their ancestors: African Americans, Asian Americans and Latino/Hispanic Americans, and learn how they have been contributing to the development of American democracy, economy, and cultural diversity. 

Dr. Shawnee Marie Daniels-Sykes will talk about her personal journey studying theology and American history from the perspective of an African American woman.

In an effort to extend our discussions about race beyond black and white, historian Dr. Chia Youyee Vang will add an important dimension to the awakening that Hmong Americans, who are the largest Asian group in Wisconsin, have exercised their civic duties to influence institutional changes at the state and local levels around issues that matter to them.

Being reminded that Hispanic/Latino communities are growing fast in the state of Wisconsin and in our Annual Conference,

We will hear Dr. Joe Rodriguez teach us on the history of Hispanic/Latino American immigrants: the development of their leadership in our local communities and the nation, and their struggles and contributions in enriching diversity among us.

After these three distinguished speakers’ presentations, there will be a Q&A session.

Title: Methodist Mission in Bolivia

Presenter: Bishop Modesto Mamani

Bishop Mamani will share the mission and ministry of Methodist Churches in Bolivia. Wisconsin Annual Conference had the history of ministry partnership with The Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia (EMCB) and now is scheduled to renew the partnership at the 2018 Annual Conference. The American Methodist Missionaries founded the Methodist Church in 1906. Since then, it grew to the extent that it became autonomous in 1969. The church celebrated the 100th anniversary in 2006. 


Title: United Methodist Mission in Russia/Eurasia

Presenters: Bishop Eduard Khegay & Rev. Andrei Kim

Bishop Khegay and District Superintendent Rev. Kim will share the mission and ministry of Methodist movement in Russia which is one of the Central Conferences of UMC. The Russia-Eurasia mission initiative is part of GBGM within the UMC Connection. Global Ministries designed the program on the Wesleyan holistic approach to mission, which continues both spiritual and physical nurturing. In 2009, the UMC in Eurasia adopted a vision called “The Road Map to 2015,” a comprehensive plan of church development and self-sufficiency by 2015.


Title: Clergy Benefits 101

Presenters: Jean Nicolas and Tamara Wims

What do CRSP, CPP and UMPIP stand for and how do they work?

Why are there 6 different health insurance plans for clergy and how much is our church expected to pay? Do pastors pay their own Social Security tax?  What about withholding for income tax purposes? How does a housing allowance/furnishings allowance/parsonage allowance work? Do all pastors receive the same type of benefits?  What if they’re serving ¼ time or ½ time instead of ¾ - full time? These questions and more will be answered during this workshop, which is designed to help clergy AND lay leaders of local churches gain a better understanding of the various benefits available to pastors appointed in the Wisconsin Annual Conference.


Title: Telling Stories through Social Media

Presenter: United Methodist Communications, Steven Adair 

Telling stories of faith and sharing messages through social media is vital in our digital world. Participants in this workshop will learn about social media platforms, upcoming trends, and how to utilize emerging tools for maximum community engagement. The facilitator, Steven Adair is a life-long member of Glendale UMC in Nashville (TN), has a passion for helping local churches reach new people in new ways. In his role at United Methodist Communications, he communicates the mission of the church daily through social media. In his spare time, he plays year-round adult recreational sports including elementary playground favorite, kickball.

Title: Security and Emergency Preparedness at Your Facility

Presenter: Church Mutual Representative, Bryon Kuhlmann

This session will enhance knowledge and bring awareness to potential security threats at your facility involving your staff, members and guests. This session will also incorporate A.L.I.C.E. and Firestorm principles in response to acts of violence and action training tactics that will help to save lives. Our Risk Control Consultant, Bryon Kuhlmann, will help those attending this session to create a strategy of action that can be implemented at their facility.

A.L.I.C.E (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) Training Institute is a leading active shooter civilian response training organization and Firestorm provides critical decision support before, during and after a crisis. Both are Church Mutual partners that can assist your members and staff to take action in the face of violence and save lives.