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Thumbnail6 River SystemsRetail FulfillmentCHALLENGE:: Enhance productivity by balancing labor and technology SOLUTION:: Improve operations by integrating technology that supplements labor, resulting in greater order accuracy and optimized processes CHALLENGE:: Navigate the tightening labor market and limit seasonal on-boarding SOLUTION:: As unemployment rates reach a 10-year low, learn how collaborative robots can maximize and streamline labor productivity, as well as limit seasonal labor spikes and accelerate on-boarding procedures CHALLENGE:: Redefine the employee experience SOLUTION:: Discover how collaborative robots enable employees to do their jobs more easily and effectivelyhttps://6river.com/
ThumbnailBurton Energy Group, LLCOtherwww.burtonenergygroup.com
ThumbnailDematicMaterial Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Speed to customer SOLUTION:: Dematic Micro-Fulfillmenthttps://www.dematic.com/en-us/
ThumbnailEMCLighting & Energy Controlhttps://www.emcllc.com/
ThumbnailGenerix GroupWarehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Scale & grow while keeping control of operating costs SOLUTION:: Our highly flexible WMS will allow you to meet your customers ever-changing demands. Grow and scale with the ability to optimize processes, Properly manage inventory, and space CHALLENGE:: Traceability SOLUTION:: Our WMS and MES platform allows you to ensure you have the right goods, at the right place, and at the right time, Providing complete end to end traceability from raw goods, to the shop floor, and beyond CHALLENGE:: OMNI-CHANNEL DISTRIBUTION SOLUTION:: Retail, wholesale, and e-commerce distribution channels converge in your DC operation. Manage your inventory and exceed your customers’ expectations by managing multiple distribution channels fluidly and accurately.https://www.generixgroup.com/en
ThumbnailIAM RoboticsRetail FulfillmentCHALLENGE:: E commerce fulfillment SOLUTION:: Our groundbreaking autonomous robot solutions improve e-commerce efficiency, giving retailers a competitive advantage, and empowering them to solve today’s operational challengeswww.iamrobotics.com
ThumbnailJLLRealty SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Real Estate advisory services and brokerage SOLUTION:: JLL CHALLENGE:: Distribution Site Selection SOLUTION:: JLL CHALLANGE:: Supply Chain Network Strategy SOLUTION:: JLLhttp://www.jll.com
Kenco GroupThird-Party Logistics Providers
ThumbnailLongbow AdvantageOtherCHALLENGE:: Interacting with distribution data in a pragmatic manner SOLUTION:: Cleanse, harmonize and prep proper sets of data, so they are usable CHALLENGE:: Integrate distribution data in warehouse process optimization SOLUTION:: Use data generated by WMS, LMS, TMS and ERP to increase warehouse performance and results CHALLENGE:: Working with your IT organization and funding effective data management in the warehouse SOLUTION:: Learn how to work more effectively internally to fund and get project approval, so you can start using the data generated by your operationshttps://www.longbowadvantage.com/en-us
ThumbnailLucas Systems, Inc.Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Attract and retain workers, and optimize labor productivity SOLUTION:: Lucas Work Execution Softwarehttps://www.lucasware.com
ThumbnailNewcastle Systems, Inc.Bar Code Equipment SystemsCHALLENGE:: Warehouse Labor & Capacity SOLUTION:: Achieve up to 50% more worker productivity with NEW line of mobile power technology solutionshttp://newcastlesys.com
ThumbnailOPSdesign Consulting
ThumbnailPcdata Inc.Picking SystemsCHALLENGE:: Increased order picking complexity, driven by a growing number of customers with fewer order-lines (e-commerce) SOLUTION:: Pcdata’s hybrid order picking solutions facilitate the preparation of orders with varied order profiles CHALLENGE:: Tight labor market SOLUTION:: Pcdata’s solutions make your order fulfillment activities less dependent on skillful workers CHALLENGE:: Finding a tailor-made order picking solution SOLUTION:: Pcdata’s modular design allows for customized solutions based on proven building blockshttp://www.pcdata-logistics.com
ThumbnailSedlak Supply Chain ConsultantsConsultantshttps://www.jasedlak.com/
ThumbnailSigginsMaterial Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Can't afford downtime for upgrades SOLUTION:: We can create a phased installation to minimize impact on production CHALLENGE:: Labor costs are getting too high SOLUTION:: We can design an automated system to reduce the need for physical labor CHALLENGE:: Too many mistakes and returns SOLUTION:: We can supply an order picking system that minimizes the chance for human errorhttp://www.siggins.com
ThumbnailSofteonWarehouse Management Systems www.softeon.com
ThumbnailSRSISolutions Integratorhttps://www.gosrsi.com/
ThumbnailTGW Systems, IncMaterial Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Changing business models including SKU growth and changing order profiles SOLUTION:: FlashPick scalable discrete order picking fulfillment solution CHALLENGE:: Dealing with hard to find labor SOLUTION:: One Touch Receiving solution CHALLENGE:: Rapidly growing returns volume in the Direct to Consumer channel SOLUTION:: OmniPick Pouch Sorter Solution with automated loading and unloadinghttp://www.tgw-group.com
ThumbnailYale Materials Handling CorporationLift TrucksCHALLENGE:: Not only is the labor pool shrinking, but turnover rates for what labor IS available are on the rise. SOLUTION:: Robotic lift trucks can help relieve these pressures while also helping control your costs and drive greater efficiency, productivity and reliability.http://www.Yale.com