Promote Your Company
The State of Wisconsin is organizing a number of promotional initiatives in conjunction with WEFTEC designed to draw attention to the state’s water technology leadership.

 If your company/organization is introducing a new water management solution or industry development strategy, please contact Elizabeth Geib of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation who will be writing stories about Wisconsin innovations being showcased at WEFTEC.

Elizabeth Geib
Marketing Communications Manager
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Tel. 608.210.6808


 Thousands of water and wastewater professionals attend WEFTEC each year to learn and to network. WEFTEC is the world’s largest annual water quality exhibition, with nearly 1,000 exhibitors displaying the latest in water quality research technology and services, and more than 22,000 attendees taking part. Attendees also engage in continuing education and professional development, with cutting-edge technical sessions and workshops. If your company works in the water quality, technology and innovation space, we recommend attending WEFTEC for the vital knowledge and connections it offers.

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For more additional information, check out our blog or contact Isaiah Perez at The Water Council.