VIVO 2013 Conference
The conference begins with a full day of workshops for those new to VIVO, those implementing VIVO and those wishing to develop applications using VIVO.

Keynote addresses, invited speakers, scientific panels, contributed papers and posters will cover a range of topics, including the semantic web, linked open data, VIVO sustainability, adopting and implementing VIVO, research networking, network visualization, ontology and the role of VIVO in support of team science.

Topics will include: 
VIVO, research discovery, and the semantic web
Implementation and adoption of VIVO
Theory and practice of working with the VIVO Ontology and the Integrated Semantic Framework
Building applications that use VIVO-compliant linked open data and/or SPARQL queries
Research dataset representation and linkages
Visualization, analysis, and metric
Harvester and semantic data ingest techniques
Researcher collaboration and networking
Managing and discovering knowledge about researchers across institutional boundaries
The intersection of VIVO and international research information and identifier standards
Researcher workflows/representing open research
Policy perspectives, planning, and modelling for compliance and/or knowledge mobilization
Development and extensions of the VIVO platform
Use of VIVO data for evaluation and strategic forecasting for institutions and organizations
Componentizing Vitro/VIVO by integrating OSGi, OpenSocial, and/or other modular frameworks
VIVO for the humanities and social sciences
VIVO performance: optimizing and scaling