Violence Prevention Conference
Violence Prevention Conference 2014

The Violence Prevention - It's Everybody's Business Conference provides a unique platform that focuses on preventing violence against women from a whole of community perspective.

The conference aims to:

· raise awareness of innovative prevention strategies

· provide the community with skills to identify and prevent violence

· raise awareness of the types of violence and what causes it

· be a catalyst for action to eliminate violence against women.

Why attend?

· You will know how to identify and respond to attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that contribute to violence against women in our society.

· You will increase your understanding of the issues surrounding violence against women and how we can work together to prevent it.

· You will understand your role in making a difference.

· You will develop your skills to make a difference.

· You will contribute to creating new social norms and a safer workplace/community.

Who should attend?

· Local government staff (planners, community safety, economic development officers)

· Business owners/managers

· Human Resources staff

· Justice staff (including Police)

· Health services staff (community health, hospital, Department of Health, ACCOs, PCPs)

· Health professionals (public health, health promotion workers)

· Welfare services staff (housing, sexual assault, charitable organisations, family services, neighbourhood houses)

· Media journalists and editors

· Social science researchers

· Community development workers

· Sport and recreation club members

· Principals, teachers/school nurses and welfare staff

· Women’s rights advocates

· Politicians