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About Our On-Demand Virtual Event

As we all have ventured into the world of virtual events, we’d like to invite you, our partners, to our first virtual Channel Acceleration Partner Event (vCAPE). We have created a simulated experience for you that includes executive messages, datacenter breakout sessions, work from home solutions and services. We will also host a Solutions Showcase for you to absorb our latest products. We will also have a Trivia Contest where you can win great prizes! 

We’ve designed our first vCAPE in an “on-demand” format. This means you’ll have ten days to login to our virtual venue and tune-in to our on-demand content. This will give you more flexibility as we know some of you have kids and other family members at home. You will have an opportunity to provide feedback at the end of our event so please do! 

We’re looking forward to hosting you! 

Your Channel Partner Marketing Team



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