12th National Gathering of UMMen
Event Details
12th National Gathering of UMMen
07/07 - 07/09/2017
Indianapolis, IN
Event Description
Ministry Fair Exhibits

Come and join your fellow men in exploring exhibits from general agencies of the UMC bookstores,ministries,etc., during the event beginning  Friday 3:00 pm-6:30 pm & Saturday 10:00 am-5:00 pm

Mission Experiences:(Saturday 10:00 am-5:00 pm)



The PET Project-"A Gift of Mobility"

Men will build PET (Personal Emergency Transportation) units.This hand-cranked cart is provided to those in the developing world who lack mobility due to polio, land mine injury, birth defects or amputation.

Produce Drop

Society of St. Andrew will have available either a potato drop or vegetable drop in which men will package produce for the hungry in the Indianapolis area.

Mission Project with  the Men of St.Lukes UMC

St. Lukes has a mission outreach for building handicapped ramps. Men will build component parts of the ramps on-site for transporting to their final destination.

Workshop Tracks

Workshops: 90 minute presentations offered during three periods on Saturday morning and afternoon:

Session A:(10:15- 11:45 AM)

Session B: (1:00- 2:30) 

Session C: (3:00- 4:30)

 While attending the 12th National Gathering of United Methodist Men, you will have three opportunities to attend training workshops and/or participate in "hands-on" mission projects. Workshop leaders include members of the General Commission on United Methodist  Men staff, Bishop James Swanson, Shan Foster, Rev. Rob Fuquay, Rev. Tom Albin, and many others.  There are also a wide variety of museums  and shopping within a short driving distance from St. Luke's United Methodist Church.

Leadership Track


Craft a Vision for Your Local Church

Biblical visioning can unify churches,bridge  diversities,create energy and inspire people to something bigger than themselves. This workshop will provide participants with tools in kingdom-building ministry, in their local church, to discern God's purpose for their ministries to men. - Session 1A or 1C

"I Can't Do This Alone": Developing Team Ministry

Men's ministry is difficult and energy consuming; it is best done in connection with supportive people who share the same vision. Learn how to identify,develop and equip people to be part of a team that engages in shared ministries and have time to spare. -Session  2A or 2B

'This Happened to Me':-- Change the Game Plan

This practical workshop will address the most common problems faced by people engaged in men's ministry and offer some possible solutions. There will also be an opportunity to discuss challenges faced by workshop participants. - Session 3B or 3C


Personal Growth Track

Men's Health and Wellness

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit? (1 Cor.6:19) Learn how to treat your body as a living temple by addressing health concerns with preventative practices and engaging in healthy-living practices. - Session 4A or 4C

Leave a legacy for the "Next Generation": Grandfathering

Don't you want to see your grandchildren in heaven? Don't you want the very best life in Christ for your grandchildren (biological or adopted)?  For thousands of men who feel they are past their prime,this workshop will invite you to participate in a vital task.           - Session 5A or 5B

Faithfully Handle Stress and Anger

Unresolved anger and stress are linked to high blood pressure,anxiety and depression. Some Christian men fail to recognize and admit their inability to handle stress and their angry responses. This session will offer a space to talk about stresses and anger and suggest ways to address them as men of faith. - Session 6C


Spiritual Development Track

Live as a Spiritually Empowered Man

God gives each person special abilities for the common good of the body of Christ. To live as an empowered man,you must discern these gifts,use them in the right place, at the right time,in the right roles and for the right reasons. - Session 7B

Prayer Through the Normal and Abnormal Days

Every relationship involves meaningful communication. Our relationship with God is no different. We find it easy to pray at certain points of our journey, at other times it is difficult. In this workshop, we will experience ways to bring your life into deeper and more honest communication with God. Topics will include singleness, marriage, fatherhood, grandfathering, death, divorce and disability--praying for ourselves, our family, our friends and God's mission. - Session 8B or 8C

Daily Engagement With the Holy Spirit

"But the Advocate,the Holy Spirit,whom the Father will send in my name,will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. (John 14:26) John Wesley,believed that daily engagement  with the Holy Spirit was necessary. In his Journal entry for August 15, 1750, he wrote,"I was fully convinced  of what I had long suspected,...that the grand reason why the miraculous gifts were so soon withdrawn,was not only that faith and holiness were well-nigh lost; but that dry,formal,orthodox men began even then to ridicule whatever gifts they had not themselves,and to decry them all as either madness or imposture:• Come and learn ways to have a daily encounter with the Holy Spirit. - Session 9A or 9C 

Core UMM Ministry Development Track

Where are They? Fishing for Men

Most men's groups know that there are men missing from their fellowship,but they don't have the knowledge and tools necessary to reach the missing generations. This workshop will provide information and honest discussion about Millennials and GenZers that will prove invaluable to fish in new ponds with new bait. - Session 1OA or 1OB

What if They Can't Come?

The requirements of work and family sometimes makes it impossible for men to be part of accountability groups or studies they would like to attend. By using electronic (web technology) we can connect to men who can't attend the traditional meeting. Resources and best practices will be discussed. - Session 11B

And the Winners are                  ! How Did They Do It?

Join this panel discussion with winners of the "Best Unit of Methodist Men in the United States" as they discuss their successes, challenges and strategies. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers. - Session 12B or 12C

Develop Discipleship Through Small Groups

Small group ministry is an important tool for developing discipleship. You will learn best practices for using small group ministry to develop discipleship among men. - Session 13A or 13C

Becoming a Man of Purity

Today’s technology, media, and culture is filled with traps for men. Robert deals head-on with the tough topics attacking guys today and offers biblical solutions for building a strong defense and becoming the man of purity only Jesus makes possible for us to be. This workshop offers a path to hope and healing to any man willing to receive Christ’s purity- Session 14A

Reaching Youth: Planning,Organizing and Communicating for Effective Discipleship

This 90-minute  workshop will equip UM men to minister to youth and young adults. Currently,320,000 youth meet in UM churches through church-sponsored civic-youth organizations. More than half of the youth come from unchurched families.Discover new and exciting ways to recruit and disciple youth and parents, engage members of your church and conference in these outreach ministries. - Session 15A or 15C

MEND (Men End Domestic Violence)

For too long,men  have been conspicuously absent from efforts to reduce or eliminate domestic violence. We have been missing 50 percent of the population,thus half of the equation. It is time to involve men and make them part of the solution. - Session 16A or 16B

Cyber Bullying

According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, approximately 35 percent of students aged 11-14 experience cyberbullying. It is important for adults to know the causes and resources available to help victims find grace and healing. - Session 17B

Mentoring a New Generation

Investing in the lives of those just beginning the journey is powerful and effective. How can you be a mentor to this generation?    - Session 18A or 18C

Take the Flag: Following God's Signals in the Race of Your Life.

The spiritual life is often compared to a race. There is a parallel between the flags used in auto racing and the signals God sends us in our fast-paced lives. This workshop will not necessarily turn participants into race fans,but it will help them become stronger disciples of Jesus Christ by paying attention to the signals God gives us each day. - Session 19C