Questions about Ticket Summit? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have further questions, please email us at info@ticketsummit.org or call 860.416.5767.

Why attend Ticket Summit?

Why should I attend Ticket Summit?

Ticket Summit is the networking event for the ticketing and live entertainment industry. From promoters and ticket sellers, sports team executives and tech companies, you will meet executives, small business owners, and decision-makers in a unique networking opportunity. In addition to networking events, Ticket Summit hosts a variety of business development and educational sessions that give you the tools necessary to build and grow your business.

Who attends Ticket Summit?

Ticket Summit attendees are key players in the ticketing industry. Attendees include producers and promoters, venue and box office managers, sports team and league representatives, and ticket sellers from both the primary and secondary market. It is a networking opportunity you won't want to miss!


How do I register for Ticket Summit?

Simply click the button in the sidebar or call us at 860.416.5767.

How do I pick up my pass?

Ticket Summit All-Access Passes are available for onsite pick-up only during the conference dates at the Registration Desk. Please refer to the conference schedule for Registration hours. If you are part of a group, please note that all passes must be picked up by the individual whose name is on the pass. Please present a valid ID to collect your pass.

Do you offer one-day passes?

No, Ticket Summit only offers All-Access passes, which grant you access to all Ticket Summit events for all three conference days.

Can I bring a guest to the conference?

To register your spouse or additional guests, standard registration rates apply. Ticket Summit does not offer complimentary or discounted guest or spouse passes. If you anticipate that your group will have three (3) or more attendees, group discounts are available. Please call 860.416.5767 or email info@ticketsummit.org for more information.

Can I bring my kids to the conference?

As with spouse or guest registration, standard registration rates apply for children. Ticket Summit does not offer complimentary or discounted children's passes. Additionally, Ticket Summit is a professional conference and strongly discourages attendance by minors. In the event a person in your party is a minor, you (the guardian) and the minor will be required to sign a liability waiver and the minor(s) in your party will not be granted entry to any portion of the event where alcohol is served.


How do I apply to speak at Ticket Summit?

At this time, Ticket Summit is not accepting formal speaker applications. However, if you think you would be a good fit for a Ticket Summit panel, please email info@ticketsummit.org with video or other documentation of previous speaking engagements.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

Who do I talk to about sponsoring or exhibiting at Ticket Summit?

For sponsorship and exhibiting inquiries, please call 860.416.5767 or email info@ticketsummit.org. 

What are the benefits of exhibiting at Ticket Summit?

At Ticket Summit, we bring together nearly 800 executives and small business owners from across the ticketing industry. Because Ticket Summit is a conference of decision-makers, you know that you're showcasing your products to people who will make purchasing decisions. Ticket Summit allows you to have efficient and direct business conversations.

Are there better booth locations over others?

At Ticket Summit, there's no such thing as a bad booth location. Food and beverage are served in the Trade Show Hall, ensuring booth traffic all day long.