TIA Bond

TIA Bond - The Name You Trust, Providing the Security You Need
Every freight broker and forwarder is required to carry a $75,000 bond. While there will be many options in the marketplace, there's only one real choice for the successful business - the TIA Bond. Don't fall for the over-promises of under-priced programs. They are not sustainable, and therefore, not reliable. As a TIA customer, you know your bond investment is safe. 
Why get your bond from TIA?
  • TIA is recognized as the leader in professionalism and standards in the industry. A TIA bond lets your business partners know you only provide the highest level of professional service.
  • TIA is industry-neutral and not affiliated to only one of the major load boards.
  • TIA's high standard of professionalism saves you money. Over time, our successful, ethical bond holders mean fewer fraudulent claims and less risk.
  • Your money is safe with TIA. As the professional association for the industry, we want your business to succeed. We will work with you rather than against you.

Trust Plan: Deposit $75,000 cash into your trust held by TIA Services with no annual fee. Period.
Get started by filling out the Trust Application.

Bond Plan: TIA Services, through our insurance underwriter, offers a low cost bond alternative to meeting the new $75,000 bond requirement.

Get your quote online at www.tiabond.com.
  • Annual Premium between $1500 - $5600 depending on risk.
  • One-time non-refundable Program Fee of $2,000, which is credited back to you over 4 years as $500 off your Annual Premium.
  • You do not have to have $75,000 up front.

Higher Bonds: The TIA Bond is also offered at the $100,000 and $250,000 amounts to TIA members in good standing that qualify. Get started at www.tiabond.com.


If you have any questions about applying for a TIA bond, contact: