2015 WCO TI Forum

Exhibitors 2015

ACXIS project (European Commission)


The main objectives of the project ACXIS are to develop a manufacturer independent reference data base for X-ray images of illegal and legitimate cargo, procedures and algorithms to uniform X-ray images of different cargo scanners and measurement parameters, and an automated identification of potentially illegal cargo. Historic images of real detections and images of illegal cargo mock-ups as well as images of legitimate cargo will be integrated into the reference data base.


Partners: Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA, Coordinator), Center of Adaptive Security Research and Applications (CASRA), CEA-LIST Department of Imaging & Simulation for Non-Destructive Testing (CEA), Fraunhofer Development Center for X-ray Technology (EZRT), Smiths Heimann S.A.S. (SH), Swiss Customs Administration (FCA), Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (DTCA)


Website: : www.acxis.eu

Exhibition booth 64

APSTEC Systems


APSTEC Systems was founded in 2003 by a group of nuclear physicists and engineers formerly engaged in fundamental and applied physics research. The APSTEC team is working on converting methods and ideas developed in fundamental physics into useful applications. APSTEC performs the whole development cycle from laying down technical specifications, through R&D stage, designing and producing prototype to small series production. The main focus of APSTEC's researches has been development of equipment for detection of hazardous materials.


Website:  www.apstecsystems.com

Exhibition booth 20

Arktis Radiation Detectors


Reliable Radiation Detection. Our Expertise – Your Security


Arktis Radiation Detectors develops and manufactures next generation systems that detect and identify radioactive and nuclear materials to enhance security and facilitate operations. Using Arktis proprietary advanced radiation detection technologies we create solutions that deliver step change improvements in capabilities for a wide variety of applications used by customers and governments across the world.


Website: www.arktis-detectors.com

Exhibition booth 46

AvioniCS Control Systems


AvioniCS Control Systems is a Technology development company focused in the creation of tailored technology solutions and drone technologies, born several years ago in the European Space Agency BIC.

We apply all our knowledge in sensors, communication systems, programming, etc to develop both hardware and software, providing our customer with the most suitable solution. At the same time we develop our own projects, always looking for technological solutions to solve the issues.

In the other side Avionics Control Systems is specialist in drone management systems. We customize 100% our autopilot, to make it fit perfect in different kind of aircrafts (copters, fixed wings, etc) turning them totally autonomous.


Website:  www.avioconsys.com

Exhibition booth 36

Bankswitch (Ghana) Limited Company


Bankswitch provides I.T. solutions to governments which facilitate: (i) Revenue Mobilization and Security, (ii) Citizen Centric e-services, and (iii) Strengthening national security through modern cloud based intelligence led investigative analytics.

Solutions: (i) Sea Ports and Customs, (ii) Airport Cargo Management, (iii) Telecommunication Revenue Assurance, and (iv) National Security - Intelligence led Investigative Analysis.


Website:  http://bankswitchghana.com

Exhibition booth 34

Bruker Optics


Bruker Optics offers FT-IR, FT-NIR and Raman spectrometers. Our product range includes systems for laboratory analytics as well as for sophisticated R&D applications. Furthermore, we offer instruments for process control and for research in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Find out more about our new handheld Raman device BRAVO for easy drug testing as well as the IR spectrometer ALPHA and the stand-alone FT-IR microscope LUMOS and visit the Bruker Optics booth.


Website: www.bruker.com

Exhibition booth 38

C-BORD project (European Commission)


The C-BORD project is developing five complementary non-intrusive inspection technologies for improving detection of dangerous and illicit materials: radiation portal monitors, artificial sniffing, improved x-ray, tagged neutron inspection and photofission.  These technologies will be combined in multi-staged set-ups with integrated data in a graphical user interface, providing a holistic inspection functionality that can be configured according to different seaport and land border realities. Field trials will be conducted on containerised freight at three representative customs sites.

C-BORD is a Research and Innovation Action funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 framework programme.


Exhibition booth 62

Cross-border Research Association


Cross-border Research Association, CBRA, formally established in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2005, is an independent research institute focusing on advanced supply chain security, crime prevention, risk management, cross-border trade and logistics, trade facilitation, coordinated border management, and public-private co-operation research, training and consulting – all this in the context of global supply chains and logistics systems. Other CBRA-competencies include international standardization work, particularly in connection of supply chain security management; development of quantitative models, including cost-benefit analysis; development of e-learning applications; as well as execution of scientific dissemination, particularly in the context of European FP7 and other research projects. CBRA works with both public sector and private sector actors, while carrying out this research, for the benefit of business and government practitioners, policy makers and academics alike.


Website: www.cross-border.org

Exhibition booth 22



Descartes (Nasdaq:DSGX) (TSX:DSG) is the global leader in providing on-demand, software-as-a-service solutions focused on improving the productivity, performance and security of logistics-intensive businesses. Descartes has over 200,000 connected parties using its cloud-based services. Customers use our modular, software-as-a-service solutions to route, schedule, track and measure delivery resources; plan, allocate and execute shipments; rate, audit and pay transportation invoices; access global trade data; file customs and security documents for imports and exports; and complete numerous other logistics processes by participating in the world's largest, collaborative multimodal logistics community. Our headquarters are in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and we have offices and partners around the world.


Website: www.descartes.com

Exhibition booth 6










Delta R  project


The Delta R project develops, optimizes and tests a new detection technology for the Customs processes at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and distribution centres for baggage and parcels. The technology detects traces of narcotics and explosives on surfaces by means of UV reflection and spectroscopy. The project will deliver a demonstrator with automated stand-off detection of narcotics (cocaine) apart from the existing capability to detect explosives. Also pluses and minuses for operational Customs application will be chartered.


Website: www.douane.nl


Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Funding for international research

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020). It promises more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market, mostly through international research projects.


Funding is available to stimulate fundamental research, research that strengthens Europe’s industrial leadership and finally also research that addresses the big societal challenges that we face as a society. One of those societal challenges is focused on security research, which also includes border security.


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency is supporting Dutch organisations about the opportunities with information, advice and training.


Exhibition booth 58 & 65



Pioneer in developing a Single Window, GAINDE 2000 provides smart solutions to governments and businesses. Its core business consists in designing and implementing innovative and tailored solutions to better foster trade and logistics. GAINDE 2000’s world-class Single Window combined with a modern eCustoms system has led to outstanding changes in trade procedures stepping up performance in public and private sectors worldwide. The single window offers a range of services covering global trade while the integrated customs system provides full clearance of goods and revenue collection in cross-border trade. GAINDE 2000 has evolved towards an integrated single window platform comprising a web B2B and logistic portal. The web portal is a repository of resources and materials for trade information and logistic services


Website:  www.gainde2000.sn

Exhibition booth 17



GEFEG, in cooperation with the World Customs Organization, supplies the WCO Data Model to public and private sector organizations involved in cross border trade. GEFEG.FX with the WCO Data Model Package provides conformant localizations and customizations. This design-time package supports project and maintenance cost reductions for Customs and Single Window projects. Three quarters of the G20 countries are already using a GEFEG.FX with WCO Data Model package or are in the process of starting to do so.

GEFEG's overall objective is to develop and deliver tooling solutions providing functionalities for simplified customizations which by design increase metadata consistency, interoperability and quality whilst following international eStandards in all kinds of industries.


Website: www.gefeg.com

Exhibition booth 14

Integration Point


Integration Point offers a comprehensive suite of global trade management products encompassing all industries, geographies, and trade programs.  By delivering visibility and localized knowledge for 180+ countries on a single, web-based platform, Integration Point enables companies to achieve global compliance while maximizing supply chain savings.


Integration Point provides solutions for import/export management, product classification, free trade agreement qualification, export screening, drawback, foreign-trade zone operations, supply chain security, and post entry validation.


Companies use Integration Point to:

·         Access over 1 million import/export controls

·         Manage trade regulations in over 180 countries

·         Screen shipments using 250+ Denied Party lists

·         Qualify products using over 350 FTA Rules of Origin

·         Connect with supply chain partners

·         Transmit to regulatory agencies around the world

·         Optimize global savings

·         Increase visibility of the supply chain


With 500+ team members across every major continent, Integration Point ensures clients combine local best practices with global standards when deploying a global trade management platform.


Website: www.IntegrationPoint.com

Exhibition booth 1



Itude creates innovative apps for the supply-chain. 

Both government agencies and businesses benefit from Itude’s innovative supply chain solutions. Looking for integrity- and quality monitoring which is easily accessible (no expensive equipment or installation needed) at all times and included in standardised, electronic freight documents? Visit Itude at booth no. 7 to see the latest electronic freight sealing and monitoring equipment, accessible via apps, web and / or integrated via interfaces with your backoffice applications.


website: www.itude.com

Exhibition booth 7



Kewill, is a global leader in multimodal transportation management software, providing organizations with a comprehensive end-to-end platform for managing the complexities of trade compliance, logistics and transportation. Global trade management requires active compliance to complex, changing regulations that vary by country. Gain end-to-end visibility across your global trade network with Kewill MOVE  to ensure a smooth flow of goods and adherence to compliance regulations


Website: www.kewill.com

Exhibition booth 5



KURZ is a world-renowned supplier of comprehensive concepts for brand protection, brand decoration and brand communication. The TRUSTSEAL® range of difficult to copy holographic authenticity features visually enhance the brand, build consumer confidence, and provide a high level of counterfeit protection. These optical security elements can be combined with the web-based TRUSTCODE® identification system. The TRUSTCODE® system connects the real world to the virtual one: detailed product information can be accessed by customs officials, brand owners, retailers and consumers using different smartphone processes.


Website: www.kurz.de/

Exhibition booth 13

MIC Customs Solutions


You think of customs? We have solutions!


MIC Customs Solutions is the worldwide leading provider of global customs software solutions ensuring efficient customs processes and compliance within the legal frameworks in over 48 countries on six continents.

Our 700+ multinational clients achieved tremendous cost savings and transparency in the customs supply chain through integrating and automating customs processes. MIC is the number one global customs software provider in the automotive industry reflecting its 25 years’ experience exclusively in this sector, and is strongly growing in other industry sectors as well.

MIC’s software products are offered as In-House or as Software-as-a-Service Solution (SaaS)


Website: www.mic-cust.com

Exhibition booth 16

Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)


The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is the implementing body of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), which entered into force in 1997. As of today OPCW has 191 Member States.

The CWC represents a total prohibition of chemical weapons. Member States cannot  develop, produce, acquire, or use these weapons, and any

Member States that have chemical weapons when they join the Convention must destroy them.


For its extensive work in eliminating chemical weapons, the OPCW was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2013


Website:  https://www.opcw.org/our-work/

Exhibition booth 69

Rigaku Analytical Devices


THE NEW GENERATION IN HANDHELD CHEMICAL DETECTION. Preemptive tactical threat response helps ensure the safety and protection of the public and response teams. As the list of sophisticated threats continually increases, first responders require easy-to-use and rugged instrumentation that delivers the most comprehensive detection of the largest number of substances. Rigaku’s Progeny™ ResQ™ handheld Raman analyzer provides emergency response teams with the power to immediately identify suspicious materials and quickly determine threat severity.

Rigaku Analytical Devices is a leading pioneer of handheld and portable Raman products tailored to support the protection of public health and safety. RESPOND WITH CONFIDENCE


Website: www.rigaku.com

Exhibition booth 32

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM)


Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), helps professionals, wherever they are in their career, to understand and master complex business challenges. For professionals and managers in customs and international trade RSM Executive Education designed the two-year Executive Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance, and the nine-day Diploma Programme in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance. Both programmes focus on the core areas to improve co-operation in international trade, such as EU customs law, auditing, IT, logistics and supply chain.


Website: www.rsm.nl/executive

Exhibition booth 21

SAFEPOST Project (European Commission)


SAFEPOST, “Reuse and development of Security Knowledge assets for International Postal supply chains”, is a four year Integration project addressing the FP7-SEC-2011.2.4- 1 International Postal Supply Chains. The project started on the 1st April 2012 and is funded by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry.

The aim of the SAFEPOST project is to further raise the current level of postal security by integrating innovative detection and screening solutions. SAFEPOST will provide the necessary and sufficient security level to satisfy evolving international regulations and standards while efficiently supporting the complexity of the evolving postal services market across Europe. Very importantly, it will do this without increasing costs, as the improvements in processing time will more than compensate for increased screening requirements, both in terms of elapsed time and overall distribution cost.


Website: www.safepostproject.eu

Exhibition booth 63

Morpho Detection


Morpho Detection, part of Morpho, a security business of the Safran group, is a leading global supplier of explosives, narcotics and CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive) threat detection systems for customs and border protection, government, air and ground transportation, military and other high-risk organizations.


More than 23,000 explosives and narcotics trace detectors (ETD) and nearly 2,000 explosives detection systems (EDS) have been shipped to airports, air cargo facilities, law enforcement agencies and secure locations worldwide. Supported by global field service teams, Morpho Detection advanced security screening solutions are trusted to protect people and property the world over.


Website:  www.morpho.com

Exhibition booth 4



Serstech offers solutions to maximise your chemical intelligence. Through the use of our handheld Raman spectrometer and IT platforms we provide a powerful tool for management, analysis, storage and sharing of chemical information. Our customers see the bigger picture and are able to take better decisions followed by the right actions to improve process quality and increase productivity.


Serstech is a young solutions-oriented company based in Lund, Sweden. Through a passionate team embracing ease of use, open systems and with your productivity in mind, we are committed to help you maximise your chemical intelligence.



Website: www.serstech.com

Exhibition booth 44



SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognised as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 80,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 1,650 offices and laboratories around the world. SGS is one of the leading suppliers in technology and solution integration for Governments and Institutions. Our portfolio includes services relevant for private sectors, Customs and governmental administrations. We also help operators in charge of border security and trade inspection with services like cargo scanning operations, universal cargo image analysis, border crossing management, transit and related guarantees monitoring, one stop border point solutions and valuations.


Website: www.sgs.com

Exhibition booth 26 & 27



SICPA is a leading global provider of secured authentication, identification and traceability solutions and services. Founded in 1927, headquartered in Switzerland and operating on five continents, SICPA is a long-trusted advisor to governments, central banks, high-security printers, and industry.

With high-technology security inks at the core of its expertise, the company protects the majority of the world’s banknotes, security and value documents from the threats of counterfeiting and fraud.

SICPA  integrates ink-based covert features and sophisticated traceability technologies to offer solutions and services to governments and industry, ensuring product authentication, traceability and protection as well as tax reconciliation. SICPA solutions are applicable at both national level and internationally across borders as a support for enabling trade.


Website: www.sicpa.com

Exhibition booth 59

Smiths Detection


Smiths Detection equips customers around the world with high integrity solutions to safeguard society, protect life and support the free flow of trade. It has developed government regulated advanced technologies to detect and identify dangerous or illegal materials, contraband, and constantly evolving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) materials. Its range of threat detection equipment includes powerful X-ray screening systems (more than 75,000 systems have been supplied globally), trace detectors, chemical agent detectors and identifiers and body screening systems which are used extensively in transportation, critical infrastructure, ports and borders, military and emergency responder markets.


Smiths Detection is part of Smiths Group, a global leader in applying advanced technologies to markets in threat as well as contraband detection, energy, medical devices, communications and engineered components. Smiths Group employs around 23,000 people in more than 50 countries.


Website:  www.smithsdetection.com

Exhibition booth 45



S&T is one of the leading providers of IT solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. As a well-known supplier of IT solutions, the core business of S&T includes development, implementation and operation of customer-specific solutions as well as outsourcing, integration and consultation in the IT sector. S&T supports big and mid-sized enterprises along the whole value chain.

S&T employs about 2.200 employees in 70 locations in 19 countries.


Website: www.snt.at

Exhibition booth 49

Stream Software


Stream Software combines 50 years of operational experience in worldwide forwarding of ocean, air and road shipments with advanced IT technology.

The quality of the Stream Software solutions is the reflection of a number of elements: the operational experience, the use of state of the art IT technology and the legendary stability of the Oracle database on a Microsoft platform.  Besides excellent technical solutions Stream Software guarantees an after sales service with technical and functional support. The software is continuously updated to the new state of the technology and to the legal prescriptions.

Stream Software strives for a permanent improvement of its services and offerings by application of the highest quality standards. Already in 1998 this was formalized by obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate.

Stream Software delivers more than quality software solutions and aims on long term partnerships. By working in close cooperation with its customers Stream Software delivers consultancy and guidance on optimizing operational and financial business processes.


Website: www.streamsoftware.nl

Exhibition booth 11



The World Customs Organization (WCO) has served as an international customs community which is in charge of developing international conventions on customs and international trade facilitation. Its work is now expanding to the establishment of safety and security in the logistics supply chain and customs modernization.


S-WINNUS has developed a solution that can track and monitor container freight in every step of the logistics process including ports around the world. It provides a customized service to a wide range of logistics companies and government agencies.

In particular, the Customs Service of Korea has already adopted this solution in order to check the location and seal of C/S (Customs Selectivity) freight in real-time.


Major features of the container tracking and monitoring services include:

Provide real-time monitoring of container seal and location information

Authorize removing seal on containers using NFC technologies

Support GSM/WCDMA that can adapt to each country’s communications environment

Adopt large-scale batteries that require no recharging throughout the entire logistics process


Website: www.swinnus.com

Exhibition booth 2



Symetrica is a global leader in radiation detection and identification, providing real world solutions for real world challenges. The range of detectors, from handheld devices to mobile solutions and portal monitors, serve customs and border protection, law enforcement and military, emergency services and first responders. Users benefit from the most operationally effective multi-layered radiation detection and identification systems.

The unique Discovery Technology® architecture and range of 3He free neutron detectors set new performance boundaries with best in class accuracy, low lifecycle costs, automatic stabilisation and calibration to eliminate scheduled maintenance, and real time health monitoring.


Website: www.symetrica.com

Exhibition booth 18 & 19

Thermo Scientific™


Thermo Scientific™ handheld chemical identification tools are field-ready instruments that deliver precise, actionable intelligence to customs and border protection agencies around the world. The company’s Thermo Scientific™ FirstDefender™, TruDefender™ and TruNarc™ analyzers are widely deployed for identification of explosives, toxic chemicals and narcotics, helping detect and deter the transport of hazardous substances while facilitating commerce and safe travel. Built on the strength of field-proven FirstDefender™ and TruDefender™, the new Thermo Scientific™ Gemini™ analyzer is the first handheld to integrate Raman and FTIR for fast, safe, confident chemical ID results.    


Website: http://www.thermoscientific.com/safety-chemid

Exhibition booth 48



TNO is an independent research organisation that employs some 3,000 specialists. We believe in the joint creation of economic and social value. Innovation with purpose is what TNO stands for. We focus on transitions or changes in five social themes: Industry; Healthy Living; Defence, Safety & Security; Urbanisation and Energy.


Safety & Security and Smart Trade Logistics

Several innovation roadmaps are of particular relevance for the WCO community. These include Cyber Security & Resilience, National Security & Crisis Management and Information Superiority, and Supply Chain Security. In the latter, TNO acts as innovation catalyst in projects such as CORE and CASSANDRA connecting public and private ambitions into joint implementation strategies to better integrate security and control into logistics value chains.


Website: www.tno.nl

Exhibition booth 23 & 24 & 25

Trans2 Logistics


Trans2 Logistics is a South African-based logistics company with international links in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Trans2 are working with Swinnus to roll out electronic seals internationally and distribute, operate and monitor seals under the brand name of iLock. The locks have been tested extensively over long distances in remote areas with limited infrastructure in harsh African conditions. They have proved successful for use in ports, cross-border transfers, the tracking of time-sensitive cargo agricultural goods on both rail and roadfreight as well as the movement of high-value goods.

iLocks are operating successfully in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Tanzania and Trans2 are currently liaising with several European countries  regarding the iLock system.


Website:  http://trans2.co.za/index.html

Exhibition booth 3



The group of companies TUDOR Tech SA – Switzerland and MBTelecom Ltd - Romania acts as producer of cargo and aircrafts scanning technologies. ROBOSCAN AERIA, the only scanner for aircrafts in the world market is an unparalleled inspection tool in hands of Customs Authorities, that can detect within minutes contraband hidden anywhere inside an aircraft including inside the technical cavities of the fuselage and wings, not accessible for customs inspection according to current procedures. TTSA-MBT produces also a large range of scanners for occupied cars, trucks and containers using X-Ray, Gamma Ray and LINAC technologies.


Website:  www.mbtelecom.ro

Exhibition booth 37

Visor Systems Ltd

Visor Systems Ltd manufactures and supplies of the VISOR range of high performance Under Vehicle Inspection and Surveillance [UVIS] systems.  VISOR UVIS are deployed at permanent and temporary checkpoints and inspection locations.  VISOR’s unique camera configuration and proprietary software provide operators with high quality colour images of the complete undercarriage of all types of wheeled vehicles – cars, buses, trucks, vans - even complete trains.

The advanced VisorSoft software quickly processes the image data from the cameras and stitches them quickly and accurately to display a complete underside searchable image.  The high quality of the image ensures that the operator has the best possible information to use when making decisions about potential threats hidden under vehicles.


Website:  www.visor-systems.com

Exhibition booth: 35



Windward is a maritime data and analytics company, bringing unprecedented visibility to the maritime domain. MARINT, Windward’s maritime intelligence solution, allows Maritime Forces, Intelligence organizations and Law Enforcement agencies to find tomorrow’s threat today, buying critical time to prepare and take action. The first to bring Activity-Based Intelligence to the maritime domain, MARINT allows users to go well beyond known targets, discovering previously unknown threats with little or no information. MARINT reveals hidden behavior patterns, vessel networks and suspicious activities, empowering users to tackle their most critical and time-sensitive maritime challenges.


Website: www.windward.eu

Exhibition booth: 47



Iris is a new and innovative WCO tool which acts as an “aggregator” for all types of open source Customs information. The application utilizes Web-crawlers to search the Internet for news items and presents this information in a graphic-style world map in real-time. The system also allows for the storing of the “hits” on a specific database where they will be available for intelligence experts and other operational front-line Customs staff for further analysis. Iris was developed for all Customs staff ranging from Directors General to intelligence analysts, targeters and operational frontline officers. More information at: https://iris.wcoomd.org/





The WCO Technology Network (TeN) provides Members with advice/information on acquisition of technology/equipment and post purchase support. TeN provides detailed information on equipment available on the market and contact details of its manufacturers/suppliers through a simple access platform. More information at: https://ten.wcoomdpublications.org/





IPM is an online and mobile application which enables rights holders to provide Customs officers with real-time data on their products thereby helping Customs to distinguish between counterfeit and genuine products. This anti-counterfeiting tool can also be considered as a permanent training resource to learn about a variety of products, brands and their distinguishing features. In September 2015, the IPM tool was completely redesigned and the new platform, both Web and mobile versions, is now available to WCO Members. The changes are both architectural and visual, and based primarily on feedback collected from all stakeholders. Particular emphasis has been put on offering users the ability to search a product simply by scanning the barcode and, when available, verifying a product using security features. This functionality helps Customs officers access actionable information intuitively and efficiently. More information at: http://www.wcoipm.org/



UNODC-WCO Container Control Programme


The UNODC and WCO launched the Container Control Programme (CCP) to assist Governments in establishing effective container selections and controls to prevent drug trafficking and other illicit cross-border activities. At the heart of this innovative approach is the creation of inter-agency Port Control Units (PCUs), consisting of risk analysts and physical inspection teams from different law enforcement agencies (e.g., Customs, Police and other law enforcement agencies), who are trained and equipped in the framework of the CCP to work together to systematically target high-risk containers for professional law enforcement scrutiny, using risk analysis and other proactive techniques with minimum disruption to the free flow of legitimate trade.



Data Model


WCO Data Model is a carefully combined and harmonized standards data library to meet procedural and legal requirement of cross-border regulatory agencies such as Customs, controlling export, import and transit transaction.  It was developed and is maintained aiming to standardize, simplify and avoid redundancy of regulatory requirement for international trade transaction. WCO Data Model not only includes datasets for Customs procedures but also partner Cross-border Regulatory Agencies’ goods clearance procedures. The WCO Data Model supports the implementation of a Single Window which provides all competent control agencies with a common platform for regulatory information exchange, thus enable the Single Window environment to provide a transparent and integrated services to the traders.



SAFE Framework and the NII Guidelines (Guidelines for the Procurement and Deployment of Scanning / NII Equipment)


The WCO SAFE Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade was developed to secure the movement of global trade in a way that does not impede but, on the contrary, facilitates it. The SAFE Framework lays the foundation for Customs-to-Customs co-operation and Customs-to-Business partnerships. On the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the SAFE Framework, the WCO Council endorsed the SAFE Framework 2015 which includes among other things, a new Pillar 3 on Cooperation between Customs and other Government and Inter-Government agencies and standards for Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information in respect of air cargo for carrying out a first layer of security analysis. The SAFE Package developed to support the implementation of the SAFE Framework has also been updated such as the NII Guidelines including the Guidance Material on Threats and Technology Solutions.




The WCO Customs Enforcement Network (CEN) suite assists Members to combat transnational organized crime through the exchange of information for intelligence purposes within a secure information technology network. The CEN system contains a database of (non-nominal) Customs seizures and offences and a website for posting information, both of which assist with analysis of illegal traffic in the various areas of Customs competence. It also features an encrypted communication tool for the exchange of information and intelligence (CENcomm) on a 24/7 basis. CENcomm is the primary tool used by Customs and other relevant law enforcement agencies when carrying out international joint operations. The nCEN, another application within the CEN suite, was developed to facilitate data collection at the national level, with an additional capacity to exchange this information at the regional or international level.


2016 WCO IT Conference & Exhibition, 1-3 June 2016, Dakar, Senegal

The WCO IT Conference & Exhibition is an annual event dedicated to exploring Information and Communication Technologies as a strategic enabler for Customs modernization.  It provides Members with an insight into the latest developments and best practices in IT and is a platform for the IT industry to present and showcase its solutions for enhanced border management. The WCO IT Conference brings together Customs authorities, representatives from other border regulatory agencies, the IT sector, international organizations, development partners, regional economic communities, the broader business community including trade, transport and logistics bodies, academia and other international trade stakeholders..

Attend the 2016 WCO IT Conference & Exhibition, to be held from 1 to 3 June 2016 in Dakar, Senegal, and learn more about the strategic and operational implications of Information and Communication Technologies in Customs and border management today.

Explore the challenges and opportunities inherent in the bewildering world of modern IT solutions!



SAVE the date: 3rd WCO Global AEO Conference to be held in Cancun, Mexico from 11 to 13 May 2016.



Website: www.wcoomd.org

Exhibition booths: 70 - 75