Technology and Cybercrime Conference 2016
Technology and Cybercrime Conference 2016
In the ever-changing world of technology, exciting discoveries are constantly changing the way we live and do business to enable an easier, more efficient way of working. However, while there are great opportunities, technology can also pose a threat not least through the rapid growth of cybercrime which is already having an impact on many business sectors including the legal sector.

Update is bringing together an expert panel of IT professionals who can show you how to optimise technology available to your area of practice. They will also help raise awareness of cybercrime risks in order to provide the best possible guidance on how to safeguard your practice units and reassure your clients that their data and funds are secure.

Join us this autumn for an interactive day where you can pose your questions to a panel of experts and dig into the issues that will really affect you and your clients. We have had a fantastic response to our topic survey for this seminar and, as such, have built the programme around your needs and interests.

Topics on the day will include:

• Cloud services
• Internet of Things
• Big Data and whistleblowing
• Cyber security threats, their impact and how to avoid them
• Evolving nature of a cyber security threat and why law firms are targeted
• Mitigating risks and procedures for reducing cyber-attacks
• Criminal evidence and procedure review
• Rechtwijzer

With a choice of a streamed session in the afternoon, we give you the opportunity to tailor the content of the day to suit your needs and interests.

Issues raised in this conference apply to everyone so don't miss out.

Please note: All of our CPD is verifiable. However, for Trainees this seminar will count towards your 20 hours of non-authorised TCPD - it WILL NOT count towards the required 40 hours of authorised TCPD. For authorised TCPD, please click here.