Synaesthesia and Cross-Modal Perception
Conference Theme

We welcome submissions from scientists engaged in research on synaesthesia, crossmodal perception or related topics. We also welcome submissions from synaesthetes describing the nature of their experiences and the influence of these experiences on their lives or work. 

Abstract Submission

Abstracts are to be submitted at the same time as conference registration. Abstracts can be a maximum of 250 words.
You must register to attend in order to submit. 

You will need the following information when submitting your abstract:
  • Type of Presentation - Oral or Poster
  • Name of Abstract
  • Name of All Authors
  • Affiliations of All Authors
  • Abstract text (maximum 250 words)

Abstract Submission Deadline & Timelines: 
  • Submissions will only be accepted Extended until 29th January
  • Authors will be notified of their abstract status by 5th February 2016