Nokia-Bell Labs Studentsday 2019

NOKIA Bell Labs Student Award

Timeline, Award Procedure, Needed InformationEligible Persons, IP Rights



New Submission Deadline: 10. November 2019, 06:00 p.m.

Invitation sent to invited presenters: 11.November 2019

Finale NOKIA Bell Labs Student Day: 25. November 2019


The Procedure

Submit a poster/abstract via the registration page, Jury selects the invited posters, all invited posters are presented to the Jury,  three finalists will have to present on stage, Jury will select winner 

All submitters:

will receive feedback about the result of their evaluation. This should help you to improve the quality of the presentation of your work even more.

Invited presenters:

The Jury selects out of all submissions those who will be invited to the next phase of the contest.

You will be invited to actively participate at the NOKIA Bell Labs Student Day, 25.November 2019 in Stuttgart.

We will reimburse you the travel costs (Standard: Return Train Ticket, 2nd class, from and to your place of residence (as standard limited to Germany, Switzerland and Austria, others to be decided on free discretion of Nokia Bell Labs)

All invited presenters will have the opportunity to present their poster as part of our exhibition at the NOKIA Bell Labs Student Day. You will have discussion with our Jury and our researchers.

You will receive for sure a written certificate which confirms and recognizes your nomination as “Invited Presenter” for the NOKIA Bell Labs Student Award


The Jury will select three finalists. The finalists are invited to present their work on stage in front of the entire audience. The finalists need to give a 5 minutes pitch, they need to answer questions from the audience.

The finalists will receive a written certificate which confirms and recognizes the selection as finalist in our NOKIA Bell Labs Student Award Contest.


The winner will enjoy a dedicated and personal face to face session with our Bell Labs Management. During this review session the Winner will get extensive and detailed feedback on his work.

The Bell Labs Management will present a written certificate to the winner, nominating him as Winner of the NOKIA Bell Labs Student Award.

The winner will also receive a statue or plaque.


What needs to be submitted

Personal Data

You need to submit several personal data.


What is the title of your submission. Please consider, this title must not only give an impression on your work, furthermore it needs to be understandable for a broader audience.

Area of work

Please select the area of your work. If you cannot map it to one of the predefined areas, select others.

The area of science has no impact on our evaluation.


Please submit some keywords, which describe the major elements and achievements of your scientific work. Use comma as separator

Abstracts: Please write a short abstact about your work.

Please consider, the abstract together with the poster will be the major criteria for our selection.

Major characteristics are: relevance and level of innovation, concise, clear, didactic, compelling, and convincing.


Please upload your poster. This uploaded poster should be used throughout the different stages of the contest. If you are selected as invited presenter, you should also use a printout of this poster only to present your idea in the exhibition.

Our selection criteria will be the same as for the abstract, for the poster we will also evaluate the quality and the compelling message of the display itself.

The max file size is 30MB.Please submit a pdf file.

How to submit

All submissions have to done via this webpage. Clicking on “New Submissio” will lead you through the application process.


Eligible Persons 

Master Students

Participants must be enrolled at least on the level of “Master Student” or equal education level

PhD Students or candidate

All students enrolled as candidates for PhD, working on their PhD

Enrolled at University or Scientific Institute

All participants must be enrolled at a university or comparable scientific institute. NOKIA is entitled to ask for written certification on enrollment.


The candidates should be registered as residents in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and enrolled in universities / institutes in these countries.

NOKIA Bell Labs decides on his own discretion on exceptions.


Teams to the maximum size of three persons can apply for the award

Interns @ Nokia

Interns currently working at Nokia are eligible, of they also fulfill the rules above

Non- Eligible Persons

Nokia employees and members of their family are not eligible to participate

Employees of competitors are excluded.

Eligible Themes

The submissions should describe scientific work in one of the following areas: Communication Networks (HW & Software); Cloud Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented reality, Sensing Technology, IoT, Human Interfaces, New devices New Business Ideas in Communication or related areas.

In case of no clear mapping NOKIA Bell Labs decides by his own discretion if the submission is allowed


IP Rights

Each applicant warrants to hold all Intellectual Property Rights relating to the submission. Each applicant also guarantees that they are the authors of the submission including all content associated with the submission. Participation in the Contest does not constitute an authorization to use or acquire any property rights in the trademarks, logos, inventions and rights of any Intellectual Property Rights of the Nokia Bell Labs.