Conference Program
The Store Brands Decisions Innovation & Marketing Summit conference program is focused entirely on store brands innovation and marketing. The program has been developed "by the industry for the industry" the way only Store Brands Decisions can do it. The conference program addresses the following critical industry issues:
  • Driving Innovation in Product Development
  • Leveraging Consumer Insights
  • Digital Media - Search, Mobile and the Web
  • Store Brand Portfolio Management
  • Social Media & Store Brands
  • The Evolving Retailer & Supplier Relationship
  • Shopper Marketing for Store Brands
  • Store Brands Organization Structure
  • Opportunities in Health & Wellness

Here is the program presented at the inaugural Innovation & Marketing Summit on July 18 - 19, 2011.

Special Opening Keynote Executive Presentation

Joe Ennen
Senior Vice President,
Consumer Brands

Recognized as one of the most progressive store brands retailers in North America, Safeway was a pioneer in building out CPG capabilities for the purpose of driving growth in their store brand business. Safeway’s SVP Consumer Brands, Joe Ennen has a unique perspective on the potential and future of store brands given his current role at Safeway and his previous experience managing major consumer products brands in the US and the UK for Kellogg, ConAgra and Frito Lay. This special opening keynote presentation will set the tone for the Innovation & Marketing Summit.

The Future Consumer Workshop

John B. Mahaffie
Co-founder and Principal
Leading Futurists LLC

GROUP360 Worldwide, a leading strategic marketing firm with decades of store brands experience, will present an exclusive workshop “The Future Consumer” with futurist John Mahaffie.

Leveraging consumer insights are key to growing store brand market penetration. Understanding where consumer attitudes are headed is the first step in gaining consumer insights. This unique and interactive workshop/presentation will explore:
  • Images of the future consumer 2025
  • The ever more discerning, aspiring new consumer
  • How we’ll learn to look inside the consumer brain
  • How post-materialist and green values will impact purchase behavior
  • How commerce will be transformed by all things digital
  • Ways technology like the in-home replicator could transform retailing
Attend this session and understand critical transformations in society, technology, and lifestyles and how they will challenge and drive opportunities for store brands.

For nearly two decades, John Mahaffie, Co-founder of Leading Futurists, has worked to make futures insights accessible, meaningful, and useful to executives in many leading corporations throughout the world. John’s expertise is in combining a comprehensive knowledge of the future with proven skill at interpreting the signals of change. John is an expert at scenario building and has authored dozens of trend studies and guidebooks on the study of the future. John is co-founder and past Board Chair of the Association of Professional Futurists.

Store Brands Product Development: How the Eye, Heart and Pocketbook Align

Dr. Dan Hill
Sensory Logic

Price just has to be heard to be viewed as high, medium or low based on prior expectations. But perceived value is established emotionally, over time, by what the consumer takes in through the senses - especially the eyes. In this unique presentation, Dan Hill, an expert in facial coding to quantify the emotional dynamics of brand building will lay out the answer to when it isn't just price, price, price? He'll show how retailers can capitalize on the opportunity to be more successful and profitable with store brands product development by leveraging the power of sight and touch, to create an emotional connection driving shopper preference and loyalty. With so many established brands having little brand equity - beyond awareness and familiarity - Dan will illuminate he opportunity for store brands product development to compel shoppers with sensory clues that invite emotional engagement and differentiation. In this session, you will learn:
  • How emotion has its own meaning and pathway to consumers pocketbooks.
  • How to leverage the power or sight and touch in store brand product development.
  • Techniques to establish emotional connections that will drive preference for your store brands.

Driving Category Performance with Shopper Driven Merchandising

Martin S. Cregg

Every marketer wants to win on-shelf, every retailer wants to grow category comps. Outside of revolutionary new products, category growth is difficult to drive everyday…yet shopper insights work has proven extremely effective at driving trips, baskets and brand growth. This session will use examples and a clear discussion of how to leverage shopper work to create category growth through in-store merchandising.

A Roadmap for Enhanced Collaboration: FMI’s Private Brands Needs Assessment

Patrick Walsh
Senior Vice President
Industry Relations, Education & Research
Food Marketing Institute

Edward Salzano
Executive Vice President
LiDestri Food & Beverage
Kevin Hunt
Ryan Briggs
Director, Private Label Development,
Innovation & Strategy, Brands
There is growing demand for deeper collaboration among Private Brand Trading Partners. Private Brand Trading Partners are seeking ways to jointly develop strategies and tactics that will encourage longer-term partnerships, improve operations management, and ultimately drive growth for both manufacturers and retailers. In this study, Private Brand Trading Partners identified a shared need to collaborate on key drivers for the industry and demonstrated strong interest in areas that focus on growth, such as: Shopper Insights; Branding: Performance benchmarks vs. National brands; Assortment Strategies, Innovation. The study validates that Private Brand trading partners have common basic requirements, but also have rich territory for performance improvements. Following a presentation of the study, a panel of retailers and suppliers will discuss the key findings.

The Global Packaging Project

Kim Lymn
Senior Manager of Packaging
Target Corporation

Roger Zellner
Director - RD&Q Sustainability
Kraft Foods

This special session will present a broad overview of the Global Packaging Project and how it can help you drive your company’s sustainabilty strategies. The intent of the Global Packaging Project is to create a common language or dictionary for all retailers and suppliers to employ when talking about sustainable packaging. The speakers will discuss how to apply this common language to advance your sustainable packaging strategy and goals.

In this session you will learn:
  • What the Global Packaging Project is.
  • The benefits of using a common language to manage your sustainable packaging initiatives.
  • Opportunities to develop sustainable packaging for store brands.

Store Brands Organization Structure

Erin Young
Associate Principal
McKinsey & Company

Having the right organization is a key enabler to private label success. However, the right organization is more than just structure — capabilities, processes, structure and measurement must all be in place to win. These are necessary to deliver against the retailer’s aspiration for private label.

Social Media for Store Brands & Consumer Products: Using Social Media to Drive Brand Value and Business Results

Reggie Bradford

A thought provoking session featuring lessons learned, trends and brand insights on using Facebook for driving brand value and business results for the store brands and consumer products sector. The session will cover the transformative nature of social media marketing for store brands and CPG, trends in social media and future innovations. Insights on what it means for Fans and store brands to have "real" conversations, including what it means for Fans to have such accessibility to these brands will be addressed. Case studies of successful practices in social media for retail and consumer products will be presented, as well as research on brands currently utilizing social media effectively to build advocacy. Key takeaways on how to get started in establishing, promoting and moderating an effective presence on the social networks will also be presented.
In this session, you will learn:
  • How to use social media to stimulate real conversations between consumer and your store brands.
  • Best practices from CPG companies using Facebook to drive brand value and business results.
  • Case studies of successful retailers using social media.
  • How to get started leveraging social media for your store brands.

Building World Class Capabilities to Engage Shoppers and Grow Store Brands

Matt Egol
Booz & Company

As retailers invest in building their store brands as strategic assets to drive growth and profitability, they are looking to build out their own marketing capabilities to better engage shoppers along their path to purchase to build brand equity, drive store traffic, and grow their share of the shopping basket. Winning marketing strategies engage shoppers at the right time through the right platforms with a recipe that delights shoppers and can be scaled up effectively and with measurable results. This requires focused investment in a set of capabilities around insights, analytics, program and creative design, and more effective integration across the advertising and promotions mix.

In this session, you will learn:
  • How retailers can best integrate shopper marketing into a broader playbook that engages shoppers at home, on the go and in the store.
  • How to best engage shoppers, leveraging established and emerging platforms for maximum impact.
  • Where retailers should focus to build world class capabilities that can be scaled up without too much complexity.

Driving Store Brand Innovation

John Failla
President and Editorial Director
Store Brands Decisions
Katherine Lenhoff
VP Process and Technology,
Innovation & Strategy, Brands
Maurice Markey
VP Proprietary Brands
Sam’s Club
Kurt Denman
Director Brand Development
Store Brands Decisions founder John Failla moderates an all-star panel of senior store brand executives from major retailers in discussing the major themes of the inaugural Store Brands Decisions Innovation & Marketing Summit.

Learn more about the next Store Brands Decisions Innovation & Marketing Summit, scheduled for March 12 - 13, 2012.

The Innovation & Marketing Summit is a production of Store Brands Decisions