FT Innovate America: The Business of Innovation

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FT Innovate America: The Business of Innovation - Bridging the Gap Between Ideas and Impact
, was co-chaired by Richard Waters, West Coast Managing Editor and Andrew Hill, Management Editor at the Financial Times. The day brought together leaders in business, academic representatives, financiers and start-up entrepreneurs. They shared their experiences of innovation and new business models that are being created in the digital era. Also discussed was how innovation is being utilized to enable growth in the US economy, the industry collaborations and investments that will enable corporations to transform business-level innovation; and the firm-level strategies that will stimulate innovation.

Key insights from:

Deborah Hopkins, Chairman of Venture Capital Initiatives and Chief Innovation Officer, Citi
Sunil Chandra, VP of Staffing and Operations, Google
Peter Graf, Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Vice President, SAP
Tom Green, VP of New Business and Strategy, LendingClub
George Foster, Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Management Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
Mario Kranjac, Managing Partner, Kranjac Tripodi & Partners LLP
Brad McManus, General Partner, Capbridge Group
Andy Rachleff, President and CEO, Wealthfront
Madhav Rajan, The Robert K. Jaedicke Professor of Accounting, Professor of Law (by courtesy) at Stanford Law School, and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Top issues addressed included:
  • What are the innovations and key trends that are redefining the businesses of the future?
  • How can large corporations drive innovation through internal strategies, talent development, collaborations with start-ups/entrepreneurial hubs and effective funding partnerships?
  • How can investments in new technologies, innovative start-ups or individuals be translated into economic benefits?

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