Convention 2018
Electronic Materials FAQ

All convention materials will be delivered electronically. Printed materials will not be available. Read answers to some frequently asked questions about the topic.

Since there are no hard copies to pick up, how will I get my materials?

You will receive an email prior to the convention containing a link to your materials. If you prefer to take a printed copy to your seminar, please print it before you arrive at the convention. No hard copies will be available for pick up at the convention.

I'm already paying to attend the convention, so why do I need to pay for printed materials?

As a cost-saving measure, as well as to move forward with the SBA's green initiatives, the Board voted to provide registrants their convention materials in an electronic format. The advantage of "going green" served multiple benefits:
• Allows the Bar to keep registration fees lower
• Gives registrants access to additional program materials for seminars occurring simultaneously
• No more lugging around big binders of materials
• Easy access to all materials

Will there be Wifi available at the convention? If so, will it be available in all seminar rooms, public areas, vendor area, etc.?

Yes, free WiFi will be available throughout the facility at this year's convention.

Will I be able to download and print my materials at the convention?

We highly recommend that you print any necessary materials needed prior to attending the convention. If you have a laptop/tablet, we recommend you download your materials to your hard drive before attending the convention. The State Bar will not have printing service available. 

I have a tablet. Will I be able to annotate the materials using this device?

Since the materials will be available as PDF documents, you may wish to download a PDF Reader application that will allow you to annotate your document. There are various apps available including, but not limited to, the following:
• Adobe Reader Free
• Good Reader for iPad
• ezPDF Reader