RI Tokyo 2020

New dates announced: 15th-16th September

We deeply regret having to inform you that our Responsible Investor Conference Tokyo 2020 (RI Tokyo 2020) will not take place in April as planned and will be postponed to Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th September. As you will understand, we have made this very difficult decision in response to the growing concerns around COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The conference will be held in Tokyo Midtown Hall in Roppongi, and the reception at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, as originally planned. 

The new agenda for RI Tokyo 2020 will be focused on ESG from a Japanese perspective and how this perspective feeds into international discussions. The PRI remains our partner for this conference, but given that PRI in Person is taking place three weeks after the RI Tokyo conference, we believe our role is to provide a platform to deepen the discussion about what Japan could bring into the global development of sustainable finance.  

Throughout the conference, we will:

- Look back to the driving forces behind the launch and revisions of the Japan Stewardship Code and Japan Corporate Governance Code, and ask whether Japan should plot a different path to the rest of the world and develop its own interpretation of responsible investment;
- Examine how Japanese society - and this includes Japanese companies - follows a fundamentally different approach to define and address social issues;
- Discuss how Japan has adapted or not adapted the developing international norms around ESG and sustainable finance, and what Japan’s standards of societal cohesion could offer to shape the international agenda on sustainability issues.

Please see agenda page for the suggested new topics. 

We will transfer all existing delegate registrations to the new dates. Please do not hesitate to contact Yuki Shirota Yuki@responsible-investor.com should you have questions regarding your participation.

We are all looking forward to seeing you in September.

Sae Imamura, Event Leader, RI Tokyo
Tony Hay & Hugh Wheelan, Co-founders and Joint Managing Directors
Responsible Investor