RI Tokyo 2020

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Asset Owners, Government Officials, and Responsible Investor Subscribers can attend for free.


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Asset Owners and Government Officials

Asset owner: significantly sized institutional investors - pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies (excluding asset management arms), government/public funds, endowments and foundations, faith groups and major family and multi-family offices.

Government official: government entities, local government entities, incorporated administrative agencies

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Existing RI Subscribers

For attendees whose subscription is valid until September 16 2020, or are looking to renew their subscription. Responsible Investor subscribers must be named on their company's subscription account to qualify for a free registration.

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Prospective RI Subscribers

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NB: The organisers of RI Tokyo 2020 reserve the right to refuse entry without explanation.

Terms & Conditions for Responsible Investor Subscribers

  • To receive a Registration Code to attend RI Tokyo 2020, you must be a named subscriber on your organisation’s Responsible Investor Subscription Account. 
  • Your organisation’s Subscription Account must be fully paid before we issue a Registration Code. 
  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse or withdraw admission without explanation.