RI New York 2019

Investing in the Blue Economy

3rd December 2019, Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations

As part of Sustainable Finance Week, Responsible Investor is introducing Investing in the Blue Economybringing together leading investors and policymakers to debate the short and long-term risks and opportunities associated with ocean resources as a source of financial return. This event will present expert views on how investors are developing new approaches to finance a sustainable Blue Economy.

Find out how investors are responding to the challenges and opportunities in SDG 14
Investors have, up to now, been slow to respond to the state of the oceans. There is some indication that SDG 14, Life Below Water, is receiving the least capital investment globally. Despite a growing number of sustainability-themed global investment frameworks - such as the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles, the Principles for Responsible Investment and the Principles for Sustainable Insurance - investor views on and awareness of the Blue Economy are not yet clear. Join us in New York City to learn how leading investors are financing a more sustainable Blue Economy.*

You can view Responsible Investor's research on the Blue Economy and take our survey here.

*There is a nominal fee of $40 for this event. Discounts are available for qualifying registrants.