2018 Kentucky Farm Bureau Roadside Farm Market Tour

Terms & Conditions

Kentucky Farm Bureau will be collecting the full amount of the 2018 Roadside Farm Market Tour costs from attendees at the time of registration. This will include registration fees, ALL nights of hotel sleeping room costs (minus onsite incidental costs), and included event costs. Modifications to your 2018 Roadside Farm Market Tour registration can be made only by contacting Fran McCall at Kentucky Farm Bureau. Should you cancel your 2018 Roadside Farm Market Tour arrangements or circumstances arise that prevent you from attending, there are no refunds after March 12th, 2018.

Payment Information: All payments are due upon receipt. Check payments must be received in the State Office by the 7th business day from the date the registration is submitted online. If the State Office has not received payment by the 7th business day from the date the registration is submitted online, the registration will be cancelled within our system. Please note that along with the registration cancellation, all arrangements reserved by the original registration will be removed and the attendee or county contact must contact the State Office to reactivate the registration. No spots will be held based on the original registration. If the registration deadline has passed, you must contact the State Office to see about registering for the event. No registrations or arrangements for an event are guaranteed after the registration deadline.

Incidental Costs: Please be aware that if you charge any incidentals to your room account during your stay, you will be billed for those charges post event.

Attendee Responsibility: By attending the 2018 Roadside Farm Market Tour, the attendee is required to follow all regulations and policies of the hotels, transportation providers, and venues utilized during the event. The attendee is responsible for any damages, costs or fees associated with not adhering to the policies set forth by any vendor used during the event.

Customary Behavior: Your Name Badge serves as your ticket to the 2018 Roadside Farm Market Tour and is a revocable license. The ticket bearer agrees to abide by all rules, policies and regulations established by Kentucky Farm Bureau. Kentucky Farm Bureau may revoke this license without refund and eject or refuse entry to the bearer for violation of its rules, illegal activity, misconduct or failure to comply with any and all security measures. By use of this ticket, the bearer waives any claims that the bearer might have against Kentucky Farm Bureau.

Media Notice: By attending the Kentucky Farm Bureau 2018 Roadside Farm Tour, the attendee grants permission to be photographed or videoed by Kentucky Farm Bureau or its official photographers/videographers during the event. The resulting photographs or videos may be used by Kentucky Farm Bureau for promotion of our events. By attending this event, the attendee consents to such use without remuneration or the opportunity to inspect the use of any photograph or video. In addition, many Kentucky Farm Bureau events are newsworthy and therefore covered by outside news organizations. By attending this event, you agree that outside news organizations may utilize photos, audio and video of you as a part of their coverage.

Cancellation: If the 2018 Roadside Farm Market Tour is officially cancelled, a refund is possible minus any penalties or non-refundable expenses that apply.

Rooming Special Requests: Kentucky Farm Bureau cannot guarantee all room requests as they are submitted by registrants. We will turn in all room type and special needs requests to the hotels, but fulfillment is based on the hotel’s discretion and availability.

Rooming Notice: If your occupancy level increases above your original reservation, you will be subject to additional hotel charges post event. Fulfillment is subject to hotel availability and terms of occupancy set forth by the hotels. Any additional requests that incur additional charges by the hotel will be charged back to attendees post event. Please be aware that all requests for sleeping rooms are made on a first-come, first-served basis, and if a change needs to be made to your request, we will notify you immediately.

Event Activity Participation Disclaimer: Please be aware that by choosing to participate in an optional activity or tour as a part of the 2018 Roadside Farm Market Tour, the attendee waives the right to seek damages from Kentucky Farm Bureau, the provider of the optional activity or tour, and/or the land owner where the optional activity or tour takes place. The attendee is participating in the optional activity or tour voluntarily and understands that they are assuming all risk(s) involved with the optional activity or tour.

Travel Delays/Disruptions: Kentucky Farm Bureau is not liable for any delay or disruption of travel that leads to additional expenses for the attendee. Any additional expenses incurred are the responsibility of the attendee.

Travel Disclaimer: Tax rates, parking costs, airline baggage costs (if applicable), and fuels surcharges (if applicable) are subject to change, and Kentucky Farm Bureau cannot guarantee those rates at the time of travel. The participant waives any claim against Kentucky Farm Bureau for any damages to or loss of property or injury to or death of person that is due to any act of negligence of any hotel or other person rendering any services or accommodations during the trip. Kentucky Farm Bureau shall not be responsible for any delays, substitutions of equipment or any act or omission whatsoever by the carrier.

Please remember, all flight times are tentative and are subject to change at the discretion of the airline. Kentucky Farm Bureau will notify any passengers of changes to these flight and/or shuttle times. Every effort will be made to accommodate your desired city of departure, but if itineraries are full we will contact you as soon as possible. Kentucky Farm Bureau CANNOT guarantee seating assignments on the airline itineraries, as some airlines have open seating. We will pass any expressed special needs requests we receive to the airline, but fulfillment is based on the airline’s discretion and availability.