Why Attend?

New ideas and discoveries are being generated every day in SCI research and care. How can we work together to move these ideas through the intricate and complex SCI research and care continuum for the benefit of people living with spinal cord injuries today and in the future?

Learning from the non-SCI world in addition to collaboration across the entire SCI continuum are both vital elements in creating positive outcomes for people with SCI. Praxis 2016 is a platform for this collaboration and will challenge participants to work collectively to identify actionable solutions.

By attending Praxis 2016, you will:

  • Connect with leading SCI experts, community advocates and individuals with SCI.
  • Learn from renowned healthcare innovators, leaders and champions, including unique perspectives from outside of the SCI community.
  • Share your research and discuss promising solutions to translational research barriers in a poster presentation and networking session.
  • Participate in discussions to overcome barriers to moving concepts, basics science and clinical research into practice and health policy.
  • Leave with recommendations for translating ideas into actions benefiting the healthcare system and consumers of healthcare.

Consider yourself invited if you are a:

  • Individual with SCI, family member or supporter
  • SCI researcher and/or clinician
  • Consumer association or advocacy group
  • SCI and non-SCI knowledge translation leaders
  • Not-for-profit organization
  • Health care decision and policy maker
  • Regulatory agency, funder, public or private insurer
  • Industry and investor

Join us at Praxis 2016 and contribute to solutions for people living with spinal cord injuries.