PestWorld Golf 2019
PestWorld Golf Classic 2019
We have redesigned our conference golf tournament to create an executive level experience for our attendees. The PestWorld Golf Classic will take place on Monday, October 14, 2019 to raise money for the Industry Issues Fund (formerly known as the Issues Defense Fund). 

The Industry Issues Fund (formerly known as the Issues Defense Fund) was established to help support the industry. The IIF comes into play when an investment to defend and advance the pest management industry is needed in extraordinary circumstances through legislative, regulatory, and legal advocacy and action. Over the last two years alone we have spent over $50,000 on significant efforts to further much needed pesticide regulatory reforms on Capitol Hill and within the Executive Branch. We will need your continued support to replenish our resources and continue the fight.

Opportunities are available to be recognized as an IDF supporter whether you are able to attend the tournament or not, available with an investment as low as $250.