PENS 2020 National Conference - Exhibit Booth Registration
Product Theaters provide an opportunity for commercial organizations to present information to PENS Conference Attendees about their product or services or therapeutic areas in relation to endocrine/diabetes. The material presented in Product Theaters may be promotional and may concentrate on a specific product. Therefore, these sessions are considered promotional and may not offer continuing nursing education credit. The fee to conduct a Product Theater is $2,500 (per 20 minute program includes set up time) for exhibitors. Only exhibitors may participate in the program.

Organizations are required to be exhibitors at the PENS National Conference in order to sponsor a Product Theater. Sponsorship of a Product Theater is not connected with any of PENS conference sponsorships and may not be reflected as such by the company conducting the Product Theater.

Product Theaters may only be conducted upon approval by PENS. 

The application can be downloaded by clicking here. The application must be returned with a non-refundable, 50% deposit to be considered. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited for this activity, therefore, a slot cannot be held without a deposit.

Applications will be accepted from meeting planning or other third-party companies only if accompanied by a letter on the sponsor’s letterhead confirming sponsorship of the Product Theater and authorizing the company to act on the sponsor’s behalf.

Product theaters are being offered as part of the virtual program for the first ever PENS virtual conference. Product theaters will take place on Tuesday, November 3 from 3:45 - 5:05 pm EST.
  • Sessions are 20 minutes per exhibitor and Q&A must happen within the 20 minutes allotted.
  • Sessions can be live or pre-recorded. Once the session has been presented it will be available for attendees to view on demand.
  • Product theaters will be linked to your virtual exhibit booth page, unless specifically requested to not be showcased on your virtual booth.
  • If the presenter is not registered to attend the conference, you must register them to have access to the session.
Product Theaters will be conducted, during times that do not conflict with PENS programming and exhibits. 

Each company may only apply for one slot; if slots are not filled by the deadline date (October 2 2020), companies will be notified on a first-come, first-served basis to conduct an additional session at the advertised fees.

Please click here for full details and policies regarding Product Theaters. 

Additional Information
For questions or additional information, contact Caitlin Arnold at or 913-222-8622.