Optometric Management Symposium
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can attend the Optometric Management Symposium (OMS)?
A: OMS is open to all eye care professionals seeking continuing education—optometrists, opticians and lens fitters—and their support staff.

Q: Are all courses COPE and ABO-NCLE approved?
A: We are currently working on submitting each course for COPE and ABO-NCLE approval. We will continue to update the course descriptions with an approval indication and tracker numbers throughout this process.

Q: Which courses are designated as Comprehensive Eye Exam (CEE), or Transcript Quality (TQ)?
A: On the agenda page, CEE-approved courses are indicated by parenthetical designation following the course title.

Q: Can I register on-site?
A: Yes, registration will be available at the conference, but we strongly recommend you register well in advance to take advantage of the best pricing, as fees increase as the event date further approaches, and avoid waiting in line at the registration desk.

Q: Are there discounted tickets for conventioneers?
A: Yes! Special Meeting/Convention Theme Park tickets. Advance purchase lets you skip the lines at the Theme Park ticket windows, save money, and customize your free time to suit your individual agenda. Click here to purchase: https://book.passkey.com/event/49533032/owner/70576/home.

Q: How do I get verification of CE credit for my attendance?
A: Every year, we aim to deploy individual CECertificates to all of our attendees reflecting the courses and credit hours they each attended within two weeks of the conclusion of the conference. The official document is approved by the various crediting bodies and lists all the courses for which you were scanned, including course titles, instructors' names, number of credits awarded and approval numbers for COPE, ABO/NCLE and the Florida Board of Optometry. We appreciate your patience and understanding that our team must process upwards of 400 attendees' credits and that this process takes some time post-event.

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