NZEALS Conference 16

NZEALS International Leadership Conference 2016 (as at 14/03/16)

Wednesday 20 April


Keynote Address 1

11.00 am – 12.00 noon

Associate Professor Ross Notman

Success and challenge in leading for social justice and high need.



Session 1

1.00 – 2.00 pm

Dr Alan Floyd

Leading the performance development review process: Professional development or performativity?

Marcus Freke, Jeremy Kedian

Organic leadership: Growing a collaborative culture in an ILE context.

Barbara Watson

ECE pedagogy as an insight into educative mentoring.

Michael N King

Getting better together: Quality improvement theory and tools that actively enable collaboration for learning and success.

Ashley Redix, Jada Russell, Dr Pamela Angelle

Under-represented populations in STEM majors: A US social justice concern.

Dr Charles Slater

Social justice leadership of teachers and school directors in Costa Rica and Mexico.

Janice Tofia

The culture of the child cannot enter the classroom until it has first entered the consciousness of the teacher.

Marcia Cassidy

Tahuna te kora – Ignite the spark!

Session 2

2.10 – 3.10 pm

Dr Pamela Angelle, Dr Kerry Robinson

Socially just leaders in a culture of care: The US perspective.

Dr Deirdre Torrance

Socially just leaders in a culture of care: The Scottish perspective.

Mike Sutton

Capturing voice to engage stakeholders in the school.

Assoc Prof David Gurr, Assoc Prof Lawrie Drysdale, Helen Goode, Fiona Longmuir

Leadership success in rebuilding schools.

Maggie Ogram

The role of professional learning in supporting schools to sustain change-focused collaborative inquiry.

Julie Treweek, Gail Pearce, Jacqui Brouwer, Tristan Wallace

Kia tiaho Tama nui te ra: Creating a mentoring programme in an early childhood context.

Dr Michelle Striepe

'Called to social justice': Faith-based school leaders’ understandings of leadership.

Gulay Dalgic

Women educational leaders: Aotearoa case.

Session 3

3.30 – 4.30 pm

Dr Cathy Wylie

Developing the strategic leadership needed for success.

Dr Jami Royal Berry, Dr Sheryl Cowart Moss, Dr James R Kahrs

Leadership for high-needs schools in one American school system.

Dr William T Holmes, Dr Marta Sanchez

Culturally Sustaining Instructional Leadership (CSIL): An initial conceptual look.

Lynne Rutherford

Transformative leadership for social justice and equity outcomes.

Murray Fletcher

Appreciating the 'gifts' and valuing the 'voices': Leading in action.

John McKenzie

Bringing community into the school.

Dr Betty Alford, Dr Pauline Sampson

Transcending the contexts of a rural school in Texas and an urban school in California: A cross-case comparison of principal leadership for school success.

Thursday 21 April


Keynote Address 2

9.00 – 10.00 am

Mai Chen

The impact of superdiversity on education.



Session 4

10.20 – 11.20 am

Jeanette Clarkin-Phillips, Amanda Coulston

Transforming a kindergarten's social, material and cultural capital: 'To make the world a better place'.

Dr Ann Briggs, Juliette Hayes

Leading together: Exploring contexts for collaboration.

Dr James R Kahrs, Dr Jami Royal Berry, Dr Sheryl Cowart Moss

Professional development for school leaders: Models for continuous improvement.

Glenis Knox

Growing social conscience within a school community through the Virtues Project: One school's journey.

David McLeod

“Kaiako Māori Leader experiences in Kura Auraki – Ngā Wero, Ngā Huarahi Tika”: The experiences of Kaiako Māori Leaders in English-medium primary school educational settings.

Sylvia Robertson

Staying true to self: A New Zealand principal's perceptions of self and change.

Sheralyn Cook

Leading in a challenging, high-needs New Zealand school: The experiences and perceptions of New Zealand primary principals working under statutory intervention.

Maria Cooper

In our own backyard: Leaderful nuances in teachers' collective activity.

Session 5

11.30 am – 12.30 pm

Sandra Portegys

Steering two waka: Leading a dual-medium school.

Debbie Ryder, Gwen Davitt, Sue Smorti, Raewyn Higginson, Mere Smith

Leaders growing leaders.

Beryl Wilcox

Success in education for early school leavers.

Nola Harvey, Charlotte Robertson

Are you listening now?

Barbara Fogarty

Beginning a new school based on the principles of social justice and curriculum integration in New Zealand: A foundation principal’s view.

Francine Bennett

Who will take the lead? Preparing for principal succession.

Rose Symes, Jeremy Kedian

Socially-just leadership for students with special educational needs.


Session 6

1.30 – 2.30 pm

Assoc Prof Susan Lovett, Assoc Prof Bev Flückiger, Prof Neil Dempster

Parity of participation: Project promise in Australia and New Zealand?

Prof Bruce Barnett

Sustaining student performance in an urban high-need elementary school.

Dr Ken Avenell

Theory versus practice: There is abundant theory but what works in practice?

Dr Brenda Service, Dr Kate Thornton, Gulay Dalgic

'It's like having your granny coming to visit.' Principals report on the benefits of mentoring aspiring principals.

Dr James R Kahrs, Dr Jami Royal Berry, Dr Sheryl Cowart Moss

Building leadership capacity through an international lens.

Anthony Fisher

Where do principals sit? The position of principals within a school's social network.

Kenneth Williams

Effective school leadership in the Eastern Caribbean: Perspectives of teachers.

Dr Pamela Angelle, Moniqueca Hicks, Jesse Wood

Principal investigator reflections on conducting international school leadership research.

Dr Yi-Lee Wong, Yu-Kwong (Paula) Kwan

Leadership for social justice.


Keynote Address 3

2.40 – 3.40 pm

Dr Chris Sarra

High expectations relationships versus high expectations rhetoric.

Friday 22 April



Session 7

9.00 – 9.50 am

Dr Rachel McNae, Michele Morrison, Prof Christopher Branson

Leading for social justice in challenging times: Perceptions and practices of New Zealand school leaders.

Prof Simon Clarke

Punching above its weight: A Chilean case study of one school's fight against adversity.

Charlotte Robertson

Children of prisoners: Are they unseen, unheard, unsupported?

Dr Deirdre Torrance, Assoc Prof Ross Notman

Pathways to leadership: Perspectives from Scotland and New Zealand.

Dr Sheryl Cowart Moss

Perceptions of leadership for social justice in high stakes accountability systems.

Dr Annie Yan-Ni Cheng

Social justice for re(shaping) multicultural education in a Chinese context.

Dr Elson Szeto

Voices of social justice leadership in education: What do principals practise in a context of Chinese schools?


Session 8

10.10 – 11.00 am

Children’s Action and the Ministry of Education

To be confirmed

Assoc Prof David Gurr, Assoc Prof Lawrie Drysdale, Helen Goode

Engaging with the International Successful School Principalship Project.

Jeremy Kedian

From traditional to modern learning environments: Developing the concepts.

Chris O’Reilly

Leading for success: An interactive leadership tool.

Dr Steven Sexton

Science education as social justice in initial teacher education.


Keynote Address 4

11.10 am – 12.10 pm

Professor Bruce Barnett

How high-need school leaders can become agents of hope for students.

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