NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2015
2015 Boot Camp Call for Papers

Call For Papers for the
2015 NonStop Technical Boot Camp

It's time to start building the 2015 program. Based on last year's feedback, this year should be even better!

Topic Areas Include:

  • Platforms (including Blades, Manageability, and Business Continuity)
    This track will cover the NonStop server platform, including operating systems, storage, and networking. Its sessions will cover system functionality and user experiences in configuring and managing NonStop systems for the highest availability levels with low Total Cost of Ownership. Length: 55 Minute Session

  • Security
    Sessions in this track will describe NonStop server security capabilities and best practices for ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data, protection of system resources, and regulatory compliance. Length: 55 Minute Session

  • Application Development, Modernization, and SOA
    This track will focus on NonStop server application development and modernization using application-enabling middleware, Web Services, and application development environments such as Eclipse. Length: 55 Minute Session

  • Business Continuity
    This topic is for submissions related to Business Continuity, High Availability, and Failover. Length: 55 Minute Session

  • Database (NonStop SQL/MX, ODBC, JDBC)
    Sessions in this track will provide updates on SQL/MX, ODBC, and JDBC new functionality and describe best practices for adoption and use. Length: 55 Minute Session

  • Big Data (including Vertica, Autonomy)
    This track will focus on NonStop Big Data solutions. Length: 55 Minute Session

  • Cloud Solutions
    This track will provide information about and user experiences with NonStop-based cloud migrations, implementation, and solutions for public hybrid, and private cloud. Length: 55 Minute Session

Should you have any questions, contact us at

PLEASE NOTE: Speakers will be offered a discounted registration to this year's Boot Camp. The speaker rate for accepted presenters is $300.

Partner/Customer Breakout Sessions

A breakout session should be an in-depth technical session and should explore an issue, problem, or solution in a detailed manner. The Call For Papers closes on 10/19/2015.

Ground rules for submissions

Presentations must be educational in nature and not include any sales, product or marketing information.

Keys to a valuable session

Past attendees have found these elements to be valuable:

  • Knowledge and technical level of the speaker: a speaker must be able to field questions from a knowledgeable audience
  • A clear statement of the problem to be dealt with and the elements of the solution
  • Inclusion of real-life case studies or experiences with solutions. Note that consultants must incorporate real-world experiences in their presentations
  • Inclusion of in-depth technical information designed to help the target audience understand the issues at hand
  • The actual presentation must match what you describe in the session description and abstract.

Other helpful hints for your session title and abstract

  • Presentation descriptions should briefly describe the expected audience for the session
  • Set up the problem/need your session will address (1–2 sentences).
  • Describe how your session will solve this problem/meet this need. Mention the main points/topics your session will cover. (1–3 sentences)
  • Tell how your session will help the participants or their customers. Will they save time, reduce overhead
  • What is the key benefit? (1 sentence)
  • Do you recommend or require that participants have a certain level of technical expertise?
  • Follow this format: Understanding of database architecture recommended.
  • Spell out an acronym the first time that you use it in your abstract

The Call for Papers is for fifty-five minute sessions.