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Stephan Litjens
General manager, Nokia Digital Automation

Stephan Litjens serves as the general manager of the Nokia Digital Automation business and is the head of Nokia Incubator. He is passionate about innovating new ways to make technology serve people. His strong background in telecommunication networks makes him well equipped to creatively employ cutting-edge technologies for businesses growth.  He loves exploring opportunities that can make a true difference and inspire others. Stephan played a key role in establishing the MulteFire Alliance and similar initiatives that make it easier to deploy business critical 3GPP based technologies into verticals and industrials.

Stephan has an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Mika Klemettinen
Director, Digitalization
Business Finland

Mika is a Digitalization Director at BUSINESS FINLAND with responsibilities covering 5G, Industrial Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Platform Economy, New Space Economy and Smart Mobility programs as well as digitalization strategy.

Mika holds a PhD degree in Data Mining and has more than 20 years of academic and industrial experience, e.g., from Nokia and EU collaboration as well as from wireless communications, IoT, Big Data, MyData, artificial intelligence, intelligent solutions, cyber security and global collaboration. Mika is, e.g., a member of minister Lintilä’s national artificial intelligence and digitalisation steering group in Finland with the responsibility of facilitating the data and platform economy subgroup. Additionally, he is responsible for the Finnish government’s national data policy preparation through running the artificial intelligence and data group.

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Juha Pankakoski
Executive Vice President, Technologies and Chief Digital Officer
Konecranes Plc.

Juha is the Executive Vice President, Technologies and Chief Digital Officer at Konecranes Plc. He is also a member of the company’s Group Executive Board.

Konecranes Technologies organization is responsible for innovating, researching, creating, supporting and evaluating components, modules, and concepts used in product designs and configurations, solutions that make products smarter & connected with their surroundings, and IT tools and services that Konecranes provides to its customers and uses to run business processes.

Juha has an M.Sc. degree in Engineering and an eMBA. Before joining Konecranes he worked in tele-communications and IT. 

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Ingrid Viitanen
Lead Counsel, Nokia Digital Automation

Ingrid Viitanen is lead counsel for Nokia Digital Automation. She ensures that legal strategy and world-class compliance are business differentiators in Nokia’s offerings for our customers’ digital transformation. Ingrid plays a key role in the Digital Automation leadership team in formulating go-to-market strategy and partnering models, and leading legal negotiations with customers and strategic partners.

Ingrid has specialist expertise in IP and technology transactions. She strongly believes in the power of technology to bring people together and enrich our shared human experience.

Ingrid holds a first-class honors degree in Law from Sydney University, and a bachelor’s degree in Japanese. 

Brett Young
Head of external communications

Brett Young currently heads Nokia’s media relations team and is based in Espoo, Finland. A dual Canadian-Finnish citizen, he has lived in Finland for 20 years, working with both Nokia and the Reuters News Agency. 

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