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Financial Times Live, in partnership with the Moroccan Investment Development Agency, is pleased to announce our upcoming Financial Times Executive Dinner Forums Series - Morocco Unlocked.

This exclusive series of eight events taking place throughout 2013 in key territories is designed to raise the profile of doing business in and with Morocco.

Against the backdrop of sustained growth over the past few years that certainly couldn't have been predicted as little as a decade ago, these high-profile briefings will draw together Morocco ‘champions’, industry pioneers from a range of sectors, and senior-level policy-makers to examine Morocco's investment and business opportunities over the next five years.

Why attend?

This series of C-suite-level briefings and dinners, in association with the Moroccan Investment Development Agency, will be packed with practical information on Morocco's significant investment opportunities and what your company can do to capitalize on growth in the Moroccan economy in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

Who Should Attend?

Researched and designed for a cross-sector audience of C-suite level delegates from companies interested in Morocco. Target sectors include, but are not limited to, automotive, steel, agro-industry, textile, renewable energy and offshoring.
Register now to join us and realise Morocco's competitive advantages and potential growth opportunities.

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Shanghai -
28 May 2013
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- 30 May 2013
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- 10 September 2013
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Sao Paulo - 24 September 2013
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New York
- 8 October 2013
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Frankfurt - 16 October 2013
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