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The Moroccan Investment and Development Agency (MIDA) is a financially autonomous public institution, in the form of a legal entity. MIDA is the national body in charge of the development and promotion of investment in Morocco.

Its mission is to establish a welcoming structure and provide guidance for investors. It also constitutes takes charge cooperating and coordinating promotional activities both in Morocco and abroad.

With its international network and a range of institutional partnerships with all the public administrations, as well as private sector organizations, MAID provides a professional and free public service for all investors.

It offers, in a single structure, a wide range of services to investors and helps them optimize their results in Morocco. The MAID offers investors a team of professionals to help them carry out their development activities in Morocco. 

MIDA is here to:

  • Inform you about the regulatory framework and investment opportunities in Morocco
  • Assist you in your quest for investment
  • Facilitate your contact with your local and administrative partners
  • Make sure you benefit from the best environment for the development of your business.