MECA SENS 2017 Conference

Alain Lodini Plenary Lecture:

  • Prof Philip Withers (University of Manchester, UK): “Insights into fracture mechanics: what can x-ray diffraction and imaging tell us?”


Keynote Talks:

  • Prof Cev Noyan (Columbia State University, USA): “Saint Venant’s Principle and Effect of Complex Geometries in X-ray and Neutron Strain Analysis”
  • Prof Andrzej Baczmanski (University of Science and Technology, Poland): “Diffraction methods and scale transition model used to study evolution of the intergranular stress and micro-damage phenomenon during elasto-plastic deformation"

Invited Talks:

  • Techniques & Instruments
  • Christoph Genzel (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie, Germany): “Exploiting the features of energy-dispersive diffraction for depth-resolved residual stress analysis: From lab to synchrotron and back”
  • Chris Wensrich (University of Newcastle, Australia): “Practical demonstration of Bragg-edge neutron transmission strain tomography”


  • Surface Modification and Coating
  • Kristina Langer (Air Force Research Laboratory / RQVS, USA): “The role of residual stress measurements in US Air Force aircraft sustainment programs”
  • Vladimir Luzin (ANSTO, Australia): “Neutron through thickness stress measurements in two-phase coatings with high spatial resolution”


  • Microstructure characterisation
  • Reeju Pokharel (Los Alamos National Lab, USA): “Grain scale microstructure evolution characterization of ceramic nuclear fuels”
  • Michael Preuss (University of Manchester, UK): “Synchrotron X-ray techniques for understanding Zirconium fuel cladding degradation”


  • Deformation & Modelling
  • Kristián Máthis (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic): “Application of in-situ experimental methods for revealing deformation mechanisms in advanced magnesium alloys”
  • Xun-Li Wang (City University of Hong Kong): “Magneto-elastic coupling with twin-boundary motion in magnetic shape memory alloys”
  • Michael Gharghouri (Chalk River, Canada): “In-Situ Neutron Diffraction Study of the Effect of Biaxial Stress on the Deformation of Zircaloy-4”


  • Processing & Welding
  • Supriyo Ganguly (Cranfield University, UK): “Control of residual stress and microstructure in large scale additive manufacturing”
  • Mark Newby (Eskom, South Africa): “Neutron Diffraction Evaluation of Residual Stress in Friction Welded Thick Walled Power Industry Components ”
  • Hahn Choo (University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA): “The relationship between processing parameters and defect characteristics in a 3-D printed stainless steel alloy: A Synchrotron X-ray Tomography Study ”


  • 3D/4D characterisation
  • Daigo Setoyama (Toyota Central R&D Labs, Inc., Japan): " Microstructural analysis of cold-reduced carbon steel by scanning 3DXRD microscopy and crystal plasticity finite element analysis"
  • Petr Sittner (Institute of Physics of the CAS, Czech Republic): Internal stresses, strains and phase fractions surrounding martensite band front propagating in superelastic NiTi wire loaded in tension”


  • Mechanical methods vs. diffraction
  • John Bouchard (Open University, UK): “Why Multiple Methods are Best”


  • Fatigue / Creep Plasticity
  • Kenji Suzuki (Niigata University, Japan): “Diffraction plane dependence of micro residual strain by plastic deformation”


  • Others
  • Kamel Fezzaa (Argonne National Lab, USA): “Ultrafast x-ray imaging and complementary techniques at 32-ID beamline of the APS”