MarTech Europe 2016
09:00 - 09:30The State of Marketing Technology Today
Location: Orchard
Scott Brinker, Editor,

MarTech's Program Chair, Scott Brinker, will open up the conference with an overview of the current marketing technology landscape, trends that are shaping the industry going into 2017, and the growing maturity of technology and operations capabilities inside marketing organisations globally.

09:30 - 10:15Digital Transformation: Getting It Done and Getting It Right
Location: Orchard
Vineet Bhalla, Global IT Director of Digital Marketing, Unilever
Vishnu Indugula, Vice President, Global Lead CPG, SapientNitro

Everyone, it seems, is talking about the importance of digital transformation. But what exactly does it mean? How are digital platforms and the way people assimilate them impacting the way we do business? For CMOs and CIOs, pressure is building to get digital transformation underway.

This session aims to equip you with the knowledge and insights needed to be one of the 30% that Gartner believe will get digital transformation right.

10:15 - 10:45Break
10:45 - 11:10Left & Right Side Of The Brain: Your Marketing Intelligence In A Digital World
Location: Orchard
Juanjo Carmena Ayuso, Cloud Apps Lead EMEA, Microsoft

Drawing on the left side/right side of the brain paradigm, Juanjo will discuss the optimal balance of human factors that result in delightful customer experiences and the data-driven engineer mindset that leverages data into a valuable asset. And most important: how to develop a reliable and constant feedback loop for the two.

11:10 - 11:356 1/2 Ways to Transform Your Marketing
Location: Orchard
Paul Gottsegen, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Mindtree

CMO Paul Gottsegen will share his experience leading marketing and strategy at Mindtree to build the fastest growing company in its sector. His team has created a modern marketing machine that marries automation, analytics and laser-targeting with content creation and evangelism. They’ve dramatically improved win-rates for the global sales team by generating more high-quality leads than they can keep up with followed-up with high-intensity deal-based nurturing.

Attend this session to get the 6 1/2 ingredients of how they bonded the “old-school” art of marketing with modern tools to drive high-impact business results.

11:35 - 12:00Personalisation At Scale: What It Really Takes
Location: Orchard
Jason Heller, Global Lead, Digital Marketing Operations & Technology, McKinsey & Company

The benefits of personalisation remain elusive. While certain channels, martech platforms and campaigns have elements of personalisation, most marketers find capturing the bigger opportunity difficult. Personalisation is here today, but it often requires integration of multiple platforms, a bespoke customer data platform and dash of data science to power decision making.

But technology is just part of the solution.

Re-imagined processes, new roles and functions, and deploying agile marketing at industrial scale are all part of the successful formula. Jason will discuss what it really takes for marketing organisations to deploy personalisation engines that drive real growth. He'll address the operational realities of the technology and how to mobilise the organisation to seize the opportunity.

12:00 - 13:15Lunch
Location: Conservatory
Lunch - RedPoint Global (Invitation Only)
Location: Orchard Pre-Function Room
Patrick Tripp, VP Product Strategy, RedPoint Global

Mind the Gap; Bridging Customer Strategy and Execution with Data-Driven Marketing

Marketing organizations are often limited in their ability to progress marketing tactics from single channel to cross-channel and real-time customer engagement. While marketing organizations might have a robust customer engagement strategy in place, often times there is a gap between their strategy and their ability to execute, with the right personalization and context that customers prefer. Join Patrick Tripp, VP of Product Strategy at RedPoint Global to discuss a data-driven approach that marketing organizations can take to bridge the gap, including:

- Research and insights on common data challenges for enterprise marketing organizations;
- How to leverage data, insight, and action cohesively to drive cross-channel customer engagement;
- Customer examples and innovations that will help marketers address the data challenge.

13:15 - 13:40People: The Most Important Martech Integration
Location: Orchard
Sophie Wooller, Consultancy Lead, iProspect
Brian Harte, Head of Customer Engagement and e-marketing, Tourism Ireland

Marketing technology is amazing. But with all of this technology, the data, people and processes need to be in place for martech to be truly effective. This talk will focus on the "do's" and "don'ts" for organisations embarking on martech change management using Tourism Ireland as a case study. Sophie will offer complementary viewpoints of the change process: that of an internal stakeholder and an external advisor. She will talk through the collaborative process that took the Tourism Ireland organisation on the journey, the recommended tech changes and the approach to defining new roles and responsibilities to support this in the context of a broader organisational change.

Attend this session and you will learn:

- How consultants typically approach change (in the context of martech);
- Tourism Ireland's approach to change management; 
- Top 3 dos and don'ts to approaching martech change.
13:40 - 14:05Scaling Experimentation in the Real World
Location: Orchard
Colin McFarland, Head of Experimentation, Skyscanner

Colin will share the common pitfalls observed in experimentation, before offering some education from Skyscanner, and exploring how developing tooling that makes doing the right thing easy (and the wrong thing hard) is crucial for success at internet scale. You can read about his work at Skyscanner on

14:05 - 14:30Agile Practices for Marketing Teams - Putting Theory into Action
Location: Orchard
Ulrike Eder, Chief Commercial Officer, drie Secure Systems Limited

Ulrike has worked side-by-side with Agile Manifesto authors Martin Fowler and Jim Highsmith for years. Her takeaway: the value of agile practices in software development can yield great effectiveness and efficiencies. And best of all, agile practices can be successfully and rapidly applied to marketing teams as well.

In this talk, Ulrike will present real-world case studies illustrating agile marketing best practices and tools.

14:30 - 15:00Break
15:00 - 15:25Digital Disruption Deconstructed
Location: Orchard
Michael Wade, Cisco Chair in Digital Business Transformation and Professor of Innovation and Strategy, IMD

‘Digital disruption’ is a buzzword, but that does not mean it hurts any less when it happens to you. A recent study from the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an IMD and Cisco Initiative, found that executives believe 4 of today’s top 10 incumbents in each industry will be displaced by digital disruption in the next five years. Most executives struggle to figure out how to react. This session will break down how disruptors disrupt and will provide concrete recommendations on how incumbents should respond.

This session will be presented by Michael Wade, Professor at IMD and lead author of Digital Vortex: How Today’s Market Leaders Can Beat Disruptive Competitors at Their Own Game.

15:25 - 15:50Marketing Ops is a Philosophy, Not a Department
Location: Orchard
Justin Dunham, Director, Marketing Ops & Digital Acquisition, Urban Airship

Every marketing technologist has heard the term "DevOps" as an integration of the development and operations functions. DevOps focuses on processes and methods that integrate development, QA and IT operations so that delivery is faster, more predictable and more reliable. But mostly, DevOps is a set of principles around IT operations that yields better results.

Marketing Ops is a set of principles, too. In fact, it's a philosophy with these principles:

- Accountability through data;
- "Test and learn" culture, enabled by good process and good analytics tools;
- Technology as a competitive advantage, not a barrier to be overcome;
- Playbooks and workflows that allow for the creation of higher-quality campaigns, faster.

Justin will introduce the idea of Marketing Ops as a philosophy and contrast companies that embrace these concepts vs. those who use more traditional organisational structures. He'll also illustrate the advantages that accrue to genuine Marketing Ops organisations and provide suggestions on how to get started or improve your own operations.

15:50 - 16:1510 Myths Martech Vendors Perpetuate (And What's The Real Story)
Location: Orchard
Theresa Regli, Principal, Managing Partner, Real Story Group

Martech leaders have good reason to be excited about innovations. But what happens when excitement becomes hype and enterprise decision-makers create plans based on unproven tools or approaches? New technologies can become lodestones rather than accelerants.

This fast moving session will uncover 10 key myths that vendors espouse and offer the accompanying reality for each one. Come away with a clearer view of the marketplace and a more practical take on the opportunities in front of you.

16:15 - 16:30Break
16:30 - 17:05Industry Perspectives from the Major Marketing Clouds
Location: Orchard
John Watton, EMEA Marketing Director, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe
Sylvia Jensen, Senior Director of EMEA Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle
Tom Smith, Product Marketing Lead EMEA, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SalesForce
Tom Coppock, Director of Solutions Consulting, EMEA, Marketo

Scott Brinker will moderate a candid discussion with executives from several of the major marketing cloud providers, to get their first-hand perspective on the evolution of the industry and trends ahead for 2017.

Topics to be covered will include:
- Insights into the latest developments within their product portfolios;
- How the entanglement of "adtech" and "martech" is playing out;
- The state of ISV product ecosystems around each of their platforms;
- Overcoming the challenge of low utilisation of highly advanced tools;
- What's on the horizon for the industry in 2017? e.g., machine learning.

In addition, the last few minutes of the panel will be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions to the panelists as well.
17:05 - 17:40Industry Perspectives from Marketing Tech Disruptors
Location: Orchard
David Hurley, Founder, Mautic
Will Senior, Senior Sales Engineer, Google
Patrick Tripp, VP Product Strategy, RedPoint Global

As a follow up to his discussion with the speakers from the marketing clouds, Scott will moderate a discussion with three martech "disruptors": Google Analytics 360 Suite, RedPoint Global, and Mautic, an open source marketing automation platform.

Topics include:

- How these platforms are different from "marketing clouds";
- The evolving economics of marketing technology;
- Segmentation within the marketing technology platform industry;
- New technologies and paradigms that promise to accelerate disruption;
- Risks and challenges for vendors and marketers.

The session will conclude with a Q&A with the panelists.

17:45 - 19:00Networking Reception - Sponsored by Workfront
Location: Sentosa

workfront logoMeet your fellow conference attendees and enjoy great conversation, beverages and munchies! 

Stop by the Workfront booth where Scott Brinker will be signing copies of his latest book Hacking Marketing. Pick up your copy compliments of Workfront!

09:00 - 09:25Beyond Creative Destruction: Hyper Cannibalism in a Disruptive World
Location: Orchard
Shawn Kanungo, Senior Manager, Strategy & Operations, Deloitte

Today, disruption is the new norm. Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that the cycles of disruption can be frightening to executives. The term "creative destruction" has been around for a long time, and it refers to the incessant product and process innovation mechanism by which the new replace the old.

To remain significant today, companies will have to adopt the idea of "hyper-cannibalism", which refers to companies launching spin-off internal units or groups that compete to quickly destroy their existing products and services. The introduction of hyper-cannibalism will be responsible for exponential progress and instability in ways that are unforeseeable.

In this session, author and Deloitte consultant Shawn Kanungo will dive deep into hyper-cannibalism with examples, case studies and his own experiences.

09:25 - 09:50InterContinental Hotels: Our Transition to Real-Time Marketing
Location: Orchard
Nick Worth, CMO, Selligent
Charlie Aspey, Email Marketing Manager, Europe, InterContinental Hotel Group

Join Charlie and Nick as they take you through the ins and outs and the ups and downs of IHG’s transition from batch marketing to real-time marketing. They will dive into the strategy and tactics — including automating promotional and email campaigns, leveraging guest info across channels, and marketing to priority club members — as well as discuss challenges faced along the way. They'll also detail results including: 

- An 81% reduction in email time to market;
- A dynamic email template with 30,000+ versions automatically generated and targeted in less than 2 seconds;
- A dramatic improvement in CTR and email performance;
- And a significant lift in customer loyalty, retention and lifetime value.
09:50 - 10:15The Big Leap: From Data To Insight
Location: Orchard
Doug Kessler, Director, Velocity

To many marketers, the words "data" and "insight" are synonymous. In reality, your ability to use data to drive new insights can lead to mysterious and wonderful marketing breakthroughs.

In this session, we'll look at:
- Different ways of utilising technology to collect and analyse meaningful data;
- Ideas on how to convert data into insights that drives great creative and content;
- Real-world examples of data and technology that generate insights and result in breakthrough work.
10:15 - 10:45Break
10:45 - 11:10Performance Marketing: A Data-driven Journey To B2B Technology Marketing
Location: Orchard
Ceri Jones, VP Global Marketing Operations, Basware Oyj

In this presentation, Ceri from Basware Oyj will show how Performance (or Data-driven) Marketing is transforming marketing roles and marketing's business impact. He'll demonstrate how performance marketing solves the challenge of combining automated and scaleable digital demand creation programmes with local field marketing initiatives to align tactics to buyer engagement.

Ceri will focus on:
- The fundamental impact of a digital-first philosophy;
- How "digital" means "data" but not necessarily "insights";
- Resistance from traditional marketing roles and how the org chart will undergo a complete changeover;
- The importance of KPIs and a how a BI platform can shine a light on performance.
11:10 - 11:35From Beautifying Marketing To Revenue Marketing - The MarTech Way!
Location: Orchard
Piotr Golczyk, Marketing Operations Director, Luxoft

Piotr will share the story of Luxoft's transformation from "beautifying marketing" to "revenue marketing" through the adoption of marketing technology and changes to operations and management. The shift began with the implementation of a marketing automation platform, which served as a catalyst for rethinking their buyer's journey and how to instrument and optimise it.

In this session you'll learn how Luxoft was able to:
- Identify and track all touch points with customers (including offline calls);
- Expand and manage their martech stack with CRM, social media marketing, targeted advertising, etc.;
- Embrace agile management and implement management technologies to support it;
- Create a data warehouse to centralise all data from multiple touch points;
- Develop the organisational capital of people and processes necessary to succeed.
11:35 - 12:00Data-Driven Customer Experiences - Technology Is An Enabler, Not A Solution
Location: Orchard
Max Goijarts, Marketing & Technology Manager, OnModus - Nutricia

This session features several frameworks and case studies of successful digital transformations. Learn how to drive business maturity, create and optimise authentic digital customer experiences, and drive new marketing technology innovations that result in increased sales, customer satisfaction and revenues. The session will describe how to approach:

- Defining a digital maturity roadmap moving from being a cautious digital adaptor to fast-follower, towards becoming a digital leader;
- Gathering and connecting data, and then using it to drive the customer journey;
- Applying customer journey analytics to align marketing to the path to purchase, personalised engagement and maximised results;
- Developing digital teams and business transformation processes and operations.
12:00 - 13:15Lunch
Location: SW7 Restaurant
Lunch - Sysomos (Invitation Only)
Location: Orchard Pre-Function Room
Lance Concannon, Marketing Director, Europe, Sysomos

Simplifying Social – How Marketers Can Manage The Increasing Complexity Of Social Media

Marketers tasked with managing their brand’s social media footprint are faced with an increasingly complex challenge. The number of channels they need to work with seems to grow every year, and the sophistication of those channels increases as they become more established. Managing paid, earned and owned social media in this constantly evolving landscape is no easy job, especially for larger organisations with multiple brands in multiple markets. In this presentation, we’ll discuss strategies for staying in control of social media at scale.

13:15 - 13:40Why Are All Marketing Clouds The Same?
Location: Orchard
Jeremy Waite, Evangelist, IBM

Jeremy will discuss differences between marketing clouds and what they REALLY mean to prospective customers. He'll share his unique perspective gained by having worked in the marketing cloud divisions of Adobe, Salesforce and currently IBM.

In addition, Jeremy will:
- Present original research that used machine learning to compare the main enterprise marketing clouds;
- Reveal why marketing cloud vendors are doing a disservice to marketers and confusing CMOs;
- Provide frameworks, suggestions and case studies to guide your own decision making.
13:40 - 14:05Lessons of Digital Transformation in Industrial B2B Marketing
Location: Orchard
Susan Trast, Head of Marketing Communications, ABB
Henri Syvänen, B2B Strategy Lead, Avaus Marketing Innovations

In this session, ABB's Susan Trast will tell you about the digital transformation journey at ABB Drives and Controls. In addition, Avaus' Henri Syvänen will tell you about the key learnings on digital transformation at global manufacturing companies.

The following questions will be answered during this presentation:

- How did ABB embark on digital transformation journey?
- Which tools and technologies has ABB used to achieve success?
- How has ABB's marketing process and way of working changed?
- What are the biggest trends in digital transformation at manufacturing industry?
- What are the typical challenges for manufacturing companies and how can they overcome these challenges?
14:05 - 14:30Supercharging Engagement In An Unengaging Category
Location: Orchard
Adam Warburton, Head of Mobile, Travelex

Finance and banking aren't the most exciting digital activities. That makes it all the more challenging and important to deliver amazing mobile experiences. And the stakes are high: 75% of millennials are at least somewhat reliant on a mobile banking app to deposit or send checks, check their balance and pay bills.

In this session, you will learn:

- How to engage users on topics that seem dull and boring, but are critical for today's mobile-centric customers (FX, cash etc.);
- How to use data and predictive technologies to shape the mobile experience to drive engagement;
- How Travelex went from obscurity to top the app store charts by capturing the mobile moment through engagement.
14:30 - 15:00Break
15:00 - 15:25How Digital Is Transforming Marketing at Sonova
Location: Orchard
Alex Mari, Global Director of Digital Marketing & eCommerce, Sonova

Sonova Group, the market leader in hearing care solutions, is exploiting digital marketing technologies to create new sources of value for customers and consumers. The company's objective is to become a more consumer-centric organization, delivering service excellence in every single interaction, across multiple touchpoints.

In this session, Alex will discuss how Sonova is leveraging digital and social media to drive efficiencies and build one-to-one relationships with consumers and B2B customers — increasing consumer intimacy and enabling consumers to connect with one another. To accomplish the vision of “healthcare in a digital world,” Sonova is empowering employees, customers, and end-consumers through marketing technologies, breaking down silos to gain a 360° consumer view and align brand experience priorities across departments.

15:25 - 15:50Scott Brinker presents...
Location: Orchard
Scott Brinker, Editor,
15:50 - 16:15Applying Microservices Design To The Martech Stack: Lessons Learned
Location: Orchard
Steven Moody, Founding Partner, Beachhead

The first wave of marketing technology was driven by core platforms such as CRM and marketing automation. These applications were selected based on their usefulness and are virtually renewed, perpetually based on the value of data collected and how deeply they become embedded in marketing's workflow and culture. But is this the only way?

In this talk, Steven will share lessons learned from applying a microservices architecture to marketing technology and implementing a complete stack with critical features... minus the unicorns.

16:15 - 16:40How UX Makes Marketing More Effective
Location: Orchard
Sean McSharry, UX Planner / Architect, Barclaycard

The old model of account manager’s saying yes to all business or customer demands and creative design leading solutions with aesthetic folly only worked because everyone else was doing it too. Now that businesses are realising the effectiveness of a User Experience led approach, companies run a real risk of being left behind as competitors deliver solutions that really work, first time, every time, with measurable ROI.

In this session, we'll look at the difference between UX and UI, why this paradigm shift has happened, and how it adds value to modern marketing. You’ll leave with a clearer understanding of how UX works and how it can help your marketing campaigns and your business.

16:40 - 16:45MarTech Wrap-Up
Location: Orchard
Scott Brinker, Editor,

Closing remarks for the conference and suggestions for next steps.