Leading Legal Excellence: Succeeding at the heart of society
The UK's vote to leave Europe signals the coming of further change - political, economic and commercial - for Scottish solicitors and legal professionals across Europe. Against a backdrop of shifting geopolitical landscapes, our flagship annual conference "Leading Legal Excellence: Succeeding at the Heart of Society" will bring leading experts together to offer their thoughts and opinions on the changing political landscape and potential opportunities for Scottish solicitors. Join us on 30th September 2016, at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC), to find out how legal professionals can successfully navigate their way through such 'unchartered territory'.

With something for everyone, our conference themes are broad and inclusive. Presenting a richness of insight, our speakers offer a spectrum of perspectives for all sectors of the legal community, regardless of career stages.

Designed to showcase the role of solicitors at the heart of society, the conference will pull together relevant content encompassing the key strands of business, career and personal growth, as well as justice and rule of law issues. The day will include a vibrant mixture of keynote sessions, panel discussions with a range of streamed sessions to choose from.

Growth – Create your own personal career strategy; hear some of Scotland’s top lawyers share their career journeys; learn how to improve work-life balance; find out more about leadership, mentoring and coaching skills; tap into tips on how to develop the skills you need to help society through non-executive board and trustee appointments.

Business – Find out what the changing trends are for General Counsel and In house teams – and what the impacts are on their panel firms; hear how different types of firm succeed through having a clear business strategy, aligned to performance and leadership behaviours; learn about new business models such as professional work allocation.

Justice and Rule of Law – Tune into the latest analysis of where we are heading with Human Rights, hear about the impact of people on the move – what’s happening with migration across Europe from a legal point of view? And how does it impact us in Scotland? Find out what our new parliament and new powers mean for you and your clients – covering the whole vista and the new arithmetic.

Come and hear our top keynote speakers, pick and choose from sessions on business, growth and justice and rule of law themes – all wrapped up with an exhibition of business and wellbeing services for the legal sector.

If you only go to one conference all year this is the one to go to.