Labor Law Solutions 2020
Labor Law Solutions
December 2–4, 2020
Las Vegas, NV 

As 2020 begins, we see a labor movement in flux. Strikes and work stoppages over the past two years hit a 35-year high, and while some of these are classic union strikes, many are occurring in new contexts, such as walkouts by white-collar workers who hope to influence their employers' positions on a diverse set of workplace issues. As the workforce is changing, so are the critical issues facing employers when it comes to organized labor.

On the political front, much hinges on the outcome of the November elections. Will employer-friendly changes to the rules continue or will the new rules on union elections, joint-employer status, protected concerted activity, and more be short-lived, as the pendulum swings back toward labor again? The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act—which would end right-to-work laws, shorten the time for union elections, and codify the U.S. Department of Labor's 2016 "persuader rule"—has already passed the House. Although it is unlikely the bill will make it through the Senate during the current term, it could be a preview of things to come. Employers must prepare to hone, adjust, or possibly even overhaul their labor strategies.

Labor Law Solutions 2020 will begin on Wednesday with our popular and well-received Foundation Series, a half-day fundamentals program. Our main program, a sophisticated and interactive seminar where attendees can network, gain practical skills, and develop plans around cutting-edge labor law strategies, will follow the next two days.

Join us for our Labor Law Solutions seminar, where topics will include the following:

• The potential impact of the November 2020 elections on organized labor

• The National Labor Relations Board's new term and what is at stake

• Policies and practices that may prevent—or cause—problems

• New forms of union organizing and the technologies that fuel them

• Breakthrough methods for building positive employee relations

• Collective bargaining skills

• The rise in strikes, what to watch for, and how to handle them