2014 Knowledge Academy
WCO Revenue Conference 2014

30 June – 1 July 2014,

Brussels, Belgium

Day 1: Monday 30 June 2014


Arrival of participants and registration


Opening address: Kunio Mikuriya, WCO Secretary General

Conference Chairperson: Sergio Mujica, WCO Deputy Secretary General


Session 1: Revenue Collection: Priorities, Challenges and the Way Forward


1. Gene Ravele, Chief Officer, Customs and Border Management,
South African Revenue Service

2. Wallace Akondor, Commissioner of Customs,
Ghana Revenue Authority

3. Abdelmajid Bourra, Chef de la Division des Etudes,
Morocco Customs

Questions and Answers: 25 minutes

4. Enrico Martino, Head of International Relations,
Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency

5. Nor Haziah Abd Wahab, Deputy Director, International Affairs,
Royal Malaysian Customs


Coffee and networking break


Presentation: The Revenue Package and its relevance to WCO Members


Revenue Package : Background and future activities: Ian Cremer, WCO Tariff and Trade Directorate, Valuation Sub-Directorate English / French


Lunch and networking break


Session 2: Customs Valuation for Related Parties/Transfer Pricing


Panel discussion on the relationship between transfer pricing and Customs valuation and the challenges thereof

Joel Cooper, World Bank Group (Moderator)

1. Astrid Pieron, Mayer Brown Law Firm 

2. Melinda Brown, OECD

3. Zhang Zheng, Director of Valuation, General Administration of Customs, China

4. Ian Cremer, WCO, "Transfer Pricing" EN / FR


Coffee and networking break


Session 3: VAT, Excise and Compliance


1. Norwegian Import/VAT Systems: Pål Hellesylt, Director,
Norwegian Customs

2. Environmental Taxes: Robert Luessi, Vice Director, Swiss Federal Department of Finance, Swiss Customs (français)

3. The Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products and How to Tackle it, Liz Allen, International Tax and Investment Center (ITIC)

Air Traffic world video


Cocktail hosted by Mr. Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General, WCO



Day 2: Tuesday 1 July 2014


Session 4: Revenue and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement(TFA)  


Panel discussion on the TFA

 Susanne Aigner, Deputy Director, Facilitation Sub-Directorate, WCO (Moderator)

1. Pieter Haesaert, BDO Customs

2. Norman Schenk, Chair of ICC Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation

3. Christophe Renard, SICPA Security Solutions SA

4. John Malone, DG TAXUD

5. Azarema Abdulkadir, Comptroller, Nigeria Customs Service


Coffee and networking break


Session 5: WCO Research and Research Partnerships


1. Performance Measurement Contracts (PMC) Tool;  EN / FR
Thomas Cantens, WCO Research Unit

 2. Study on optimum de-minimis levels for border taxes, including a web-based simulation tool;
Juha Hintsa
, Cross-border Research Association

3. National Tax and Customs revenue statistics; Jocelyn Pierre,
OECD Center for Tax Policy and Administration



Lunch and networking break


Session 6: Informal Trade Practices


1. Robert Ireland, WCO Research Unit

2. Xavier Cardenas, Director General, Ecuador Customs EN / SP

3. Richard K. Kamajugo, Commissioner, Customs Department, Uganda Revenue Authority



Coffee and networking break


Session 7: Revenue and Regional Integration


1. Beatrice Memo, Commissioner of Customs Services,
Kenya Revenue Authority

2. Preferential origin procedures to secure revenue-the role of Customs in regional integration; Riki Tamaki, Deputy Director, International Negotiations Division, Customs and Tariff Bureau, Ministry of Finance of Japan

3. Mexico’s 20-year experience of implementing the NAFTA agreement, Rules of Origin; Maria Elena Sierra, General Administration for Foreign Trade Audit, Mexico Customs



Closing remarks: Kunio Mikuriya, WCO Secretary General